Reading in bed is a common habit of many. Do you also enjoy it? Best sports betting websites usa 2019. Today let us present to you the Top 10 best waterproof playing cards.

In Hurry? Checkout Our Top Pick Of Best Waterproof Playing Cards.

Best Waterproof Playing Cards

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1. Hoyle Clear

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  • Clear is more fun! Although the cards are clear, the face cards are still visible
  • Flexible, hand-washable, and easy to shuffle
  • 100% waterproof- perfect to take to the beach, pool, or camping
  • Standard playing card size
  • Printed on premium clear plastic card stock

Waterproof Playing Cards For Swimmer Gift

Dry Decks / Cats with Glasses Pack. Dry Decks / Pineapple & Fox Pack.

  • Kovot Waterproof Playing Cards in Plastic Case – Great for Pool and Water Games Amazon - $8.99 This fits your. By entering your model number. 54-Card Waterproof Deck, Contains two.
  • Waterproof: 100% waterproof playing cards, perfect to take to the beach or Bar, don't worry about smudges and wet. Washable: Just feel free to wash it under running water, they will look like brand new after washing. A deck of poker playing cards is consit of 54 cards, Including 52 playing cards and 2 Joker cards.

2. Bicycle Prestige Dura-Flex

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  • Bicycle Playing Cards
  • Premium Playing Cards
  • Premium Quality
  • Manufactured With Recycled & Sustainably Sourced Raw Materials
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Backed By Over 50 Years As America's Oldest Jigsaw Puzzle Company
  • 100-Percent plastic card with a paper-like feel
  • Perfect for a neighborhood game or a professional tournament
  • Air cushioned feel and easy to shuffle
  • Colors Available: Blue or Red
  • Air cushioned feel and easy to shuffle

3. SolarMatrix Black Diamond

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  • NO MORE CHEATING Our cards might not be the best for the visionally challenged, but they are definitely not for those who cheat in games! ( Size: 3.4inch* 2.2inch)
  • UPGRADED PLASTIC, PET vs. PVC PET and PVC are both plastic and waterproof. Our playing cards are made of ECO-FRIENDLY material PET. It is biodegradable and recovery of materials and gives the cards highly durable feature. And PET feels better as the material of playing cards.
  • RECOMMENDATION Use in well-lit environment for better gaming experience.
  • BETTER TEXTURE &WATERPROOF Unlike those plastic cards in the market, our non-slippery cards are easy to shuffle and thus cannot be missed by people who have some tricks up their sleeves. And it gets a waterproof feature. Spill milk or drink on it? No need to worry, our cards are waterproof and washable.
  • “WOW” FACTOR Our fancy- and classy-looking poker playing cards are one of a kind. Its unique look speaks well for your personality and taste.

4. Kovot Waterproof

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  • 54-Card Waterproof Deck, Contains two Jokers Playing Cards in Plastic Case
  • Flexible and Easy to Shuffle
  • Great for Gaming by the Pool or Beach
  • 100% Plastic

5. Kikkerland Glow

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Glow in the dark playing cards
  • Please near light to charge, glow lasts 2 hours per charge
  • Cards are waterproof
  • Poker playing cards

6. Bullets Two Pips

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  • WHAT YOU NEED: Are you an avid poker player on the search for the ideal deck of cards? We have the answer with the amazing poker playing cards, a premium deck that will help get the winning hand!
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Our decks of cards are made of plastic and are highly durable and robust but still easy to handle. The cards will not break and their edges will not bend, so you can use the same two decks of cards over and over again.
  • CASINO LEVEL: The plastic playing cards have a smooth underside that allows them to slide perfectly. The slightly textured rear side makes the cards easy to handle and to be picked up, making this deck ideal for both professional or amateur poker players.
  • PLAY YOUR BEST HAND: In order to offer you the best chance at winning the hand, we have made sure that the professional playing cards have a jumbo-sized index on two corners so you can easily recognize the community cards from any position around the table.
  • COMPLETE SET: The standard poker card set contains two identical decks of cards with 2 Jokers included. The cards can be used for the classy Texas Holdem, but also for tricks, Skat or any other card game that you love.

7. Coca-Cola Clear

Plastic Waterproof Playing Cards

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  • Bicycle playing cards
  • Premium playing cards
  • Premium quality
  • Manufactured with recycled & sustainably sourced raw materials
  • Coca- Cola design
  • Waterproof Playing cards
  • Invisible background
  • Poker size playing cards

8. Aces High Blacklight Inspired

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  • CRYSTAL CLEAR: Clear plastic playing cards with beautiful and vivid blacklight poster-inspired celestial artwork
  • PREMIUM & DURABLE: Thick, .31mm plastic feels, plays, and shuffles just like paper cards, but holds its shape, doesn't tear, and lasts ten times as long
  • THIRD-EYE CANDY: Trippy face cards, unique pip patterns, and all-seeing eye cardbacks in every color of the rainbow
  • POKER SIZE: Each 54-card deck includes two Jokers and is poker wide, 2.5' with a regular index
  • PROTECTED: Each deck is fully waterproof and comes with a hard plastic clamshell display case to protect your investment

Waterproof Playing Cards Amazon

9. Air Deck Starfield Warp

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 52 playing cards and 2 jokers
  • Travel-friendly size
  • Premium 0.31mm PVC
  • Slightly textured on both sides
  • Waterproof cards & waterproof synthetic paper box

10. Bneniu Gold Edge Dragon

Waterproof Playing Cards Walmart

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Unique dragon pattern design
  • Transparent Plastic poker
  • Gift poker
  • Waterproof playing cards
  • Card size:52mm*95mm*0.38mm
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