Solitaire FRVR is the best Klondike Solitaire game on Itch. (Prove me wrong!).
Solitaire FRVR is a true to the original remake of the original Klondike Solitaire which everyone knows and loves. If you liked the Solitaire game on Windows, you will love Solitaire FRVR.

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Klondike is a solitaire card game often known purely by the name of Solitaire. It is probably the most well known solo card game. It has been reported to be the most commonly played computer game in recent history, possibly ranking higher than even Tetris. Deal out some classic Klondike! Take a break and play the classic solitaire game that we all grew up with! There's nothing better than whiling away a few minutes or a few hours with a deck of 52.

Solitaire Frvr Klondike

Solitaire FRVR features:
♥ Klondike Solitaire Draw 1 card mode
♥ Klondike Solitaire Draw 3 cards mode
♥ Unlimited Undo
♥ Beautiful animated endings
♥ Vibrant and colorful graphics
♥ Full portrait and Landscape support
Vip betting predictions. ♥ Works great on any device.

Solitaire frvr klondike


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Play Solitaire Frvr Klondike Solitaire

GenrePuzzle, Card Game
Tagsklondike, patience, solitaire

Original Klondike Solitaire

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