Picking the best sportsbook sign-up bonus can be difficult as no two welcome bonus offers are exactly the same.

We’ve dug through the fine print and looked at the rollover requirements to figure out which are the best bonuses in the three categories most important for sports bettors: overall bonuses, highest maximum bonuses, and Bitcoin bonuses.

Read on for a catch-all guide on the best sportsbook bonuses.

Of course, you have plenty of time to rollover the bonus and most importantly you have a variety of sports betting opportunities. Bet365 live bets are allowed, which is an advantage for you, because this will allow you to keep track of the event and have a better say in its development. Bovada’s 50% cash bonus comes with a rollover of 5X in the sportsbook and racebook, and 30X with the casino. Bonus funds cannot be used for wagering on Live Dealer games. There is a maximum bonus. Rollover Bonus Offer is a Stake Returned bonus provided by the sportsbook, which you are required to wager a certain volume of bets before the bonus is turned into withdrawable cash. The rollover requirement is also often called WR (Wager Requirement, this term is more popular in casino bonus) and expressed as X3 (means you need to wager 3.

Overall Best Bonuses

SportsbookBonus DetailsGet Bonus
Bovada50% bonus up to $250 – This bonus has a very reasonable 5x rollover with few restrictions, and is offered by one of the best overall sportsbooks, making it our top pick.Visit Site
SportsBetting.ag50% match bonus up to $1,000 – This bonus has a bigger maximum amount if you are going to make a larger deposit.Visit Site
GTbets100% bonus up to $500 – 100% match bonuses are becoming less common so take advantage while it lasts. Note that there is a $35 minimum deposit.Visit Site

When deciding which sportsbooks have the best overall sign-up sportsbook bonuses, we analyze the all bonuses offered, in addition to the terms and conditions they are subject to. In short, we look at the bigger picture.

Rollover Bonus Sports Betting Rules

To come up with our list of the best overall bonuses, we made sure that both the benefits and restrictions, taken together, made our top picks superior to those offered by competing sportsbooks. In short, we selected the sign-up bonus offers that are greater than the sum of their parts.

On all bonuses, sportsbooks impose a wagering requirement, also known as “rollover.” This refers to the amount of money you have to bet at your sportsbook before you can withdraw your bonus funds. For more information on rollover, check out our guide on all things related to bonuses.

Most frequently, the higher the dollar amount of the bonus, the higher the rollover requirements. The smaller the bonus, the smaller the rollover rate will be. With this in mind, the best overall sportsbook bonuses above have lower rollover requirements than the bonuses for bigger deposits below.

50% up to $250

Best Sportsbook Bonuses for Large Deposits

SportsbookBonus DetailsGet Bonus
BetOnline50% up to $1,000 – Try this bonus on for size if you are going to deposit up to $1,000. BetOnline is an excellent sportsbook with a long history in the business.Visit Site
SportsBetting.ag50% up to $1,000 – Sportsbetting.ag has reduced their match bonus but it’s still a great offer and is food up to $1,000 for a deposit.Visit Site
MyBookie50% up to $1,000 – Another 50% offer from Mybookie. This book shines in bonuses for existing customers.Visit Site

his list ranks sportsbook sign-up bonuses for people putting high dollar amounts into their betting accounts. This is arguably the biggest incentive to join a sportsbook, and an important factor if you’re looking to make a big splash in the world of sports betting.

Sign-Up Bonuses are sometimes called Welcome Bonuses or Initial Deposit Bonuses. These are all the same and refer to bonuses for new players.

A high maximum bonus appeals to sports bettors who are going to stick with a sportsbook and invest a sizeable amount of money into sports betting. The more money you get with your bonus, the more money you are able to bet with.
15% up to $600

Best Bonuses for Bitcoin Deposits

Rollover Bonus Sports Betting Rules

SportsbookBonus DetailsGet Bonus
Bovada50% up to $500 – Bovada ups the max bonus from their regular bonus if you deposit with Bitcoin. The low 5x rollover still applies, making it one of the best Bitcoin bonuses.Visit Site
BetOnline50% up to $1,000 – BetOnline has the same great match bonus for Bitcoin deposits of 50%.Visit Site

Many sportsbooks now accept Bitcoin as a payment method. Using Bitcoin is just as advantageous for you as it is for your sportsbook. As a result, many sportsbooks are offering Bitcoin-specific bonuses to incentivize their bettors to use the digital currency.

Bitcoin bonuses mainly come in the form of deposit bonuses and reload bonuses. In both cases, Bitcoin bonuses will be a significantly higher percentage of your deposit. This applies either at sign-up or when you re-up.

We look at the bigger picture when assessing Bitcoin bonuses. We factor in in the dollar amount, types of bonuses, and rollover rates that come with Bitcoin bonuses. In addition, we consider how many restrictions, if any, are placed on the types of sports bets you can make with your Bitcoin.

50% up to $1,000

If you are looking for more than what’s available in the lists above, check out our dedicated page that lists 100% sportsbook sign-up bonuses.

There are a whole host of factors you have to consider in the process of picking the best bonus for you. A first-time bettor has many different considerations than a seasoned “sharp.” Always factor in your unique sports betting goals and what sportsbook suits your needs when choosing a bonus.

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  • Bonuses are an easy way to increase your bankroll, but they come with conditions
  • Sportsbooks typically require you to wager a certain amount before bonuses can be withdrawn – this is called play-through
  • Understand betting play-through requirements with this guide

It’s easy to understand that sportsbook bonuses are a great way to bolster your bankroll. Figuring out exactly what terms and conditions you have to fulfill before you’re able to withdraw these bonuses is not as simple.

Every bonus offered by an online sportsbook, regardless of whether it’s an initial deposit bonus, a free bet bonus, or otherwise, comes with a set of wagering requirements.

Understanding detailed terms of bonuses such as play-through requirements and time limits can be complex, and sportsbooks often use complex jargon to obscure the complexities of redeeming these bonuses.

That’s where we come in. To have all the nuances of your sports betting bonus explained in simple, plain English, read on!

Find the best sign-up bonuses offered this season by checking our list of the best betting bonuses. Every site on the list has their best deposit bonus offer listed.

What Does Play-Through Mean?

Firstly, “play-through” can also be referred to as “rollover.” Two terms are interchangeable.

An example might help in understanding just what these mean. Let’s say that you deposit $250 to a sportsbook that is offering a 50% bonus with a 5x rollover. This means that you’ll have $375 to bet with, but can’t withdraw the bonus money until you’ve placed $1,875 ((250+125)x5) in bets.

The following table illustrates how much you will have to wager in order to clear common rollover/play-through requirements and obtain your bonus money, assuming a $100 initial deposit:

Sportsbooks calculate rollover and the bets that go towards clearing it differently, so be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully.

Sportsbooks May Place Odds Restrictions and Time Limits on Rollover

Some sportsbooks credit you your risk amount for losing bets, and the lesser of the risk or win amount for winning bets. This means that if you bet $10 on the Patriots at -110, you earn $10 towards your rollover requirement if they lose, but only $9.09 if they win.

Most books have rules against betting strong favorites to clear the rollover, so don’t be surprised if you have to bet at higher than even money to earn credit towards your rollover. If you have to bet at better than 2/1, it’s probably not a good deal.

Another thing to look out for is a time limit on the rollover. Rushing your bets to clear an arbitrary threshold is a sure way to place poor bets and lose money. Before you take a bonus with a time limit, calculate how much you need to bet per week to clear that requirement, and figure out if this makes sense for the way you want to bet.

Depending on Your Online Sportsbook, There May Be Additional Requirements on Your Bonus

Besides play-through requirements, sportsbooks have a variety of other terms associated with sign-up bonuses that you need to be aware of in order to clear your bonus for withdrawal.

They vary from sportsbook to sportsbook, so it’s worth reading the fine print before jumping on one and trying to cash out before you’ve met all of them.

Here are some examples of additional requirements:

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Nylottery ny gov hold em poker.

  • Bets with a price of less than or equal to -200 (1.5) do not count toward fulfilling sportsbook bonus rollover requirements
  • No withdrawals can be made within 30 days of claiming this promotion
  • Only eligible for use in sports, horse racing, and casino
  • You can only have one active bonus at any one time. To claim another bonus the current active bonus must be completed or closed first.
  • In multiple bets, at least one selection must have odds of 1.50 (1/2) or greater to count towards any turnover requirement

Essentially, you might have to look out for the following requirements at your sportsbook:

Rollover Bonus Sports Betting
  • Odds restrictions on bonuses. Some bets may not count towards your rollover beyond a certain threshold. Usually, this means that you can’t just bet on massive favorites over and over again for your rollover requirement.
  • You may have to wait for a specified time period before you withdraw your bonus.
  • You may be restricted to only using your bonus at certain sections of your sportsbook.
  • Sometimes, a sports betting site offers multiple bonuses. This is common if they have ongoing bonuses. You’ll likely only be able to have one active bonus at a time.

Apply Your Knowledge and Start Betting Today!

Now that you know exactly how sports betting bonuses work, you know the next logical step: start betting!

Rollover Bonus Sports Betting

No matter whether you’re after a sign-up bonus or an ongoing bonus, we can point you in the right direction with that helps you decide on the optimal sports betting bonus.

Anything else you want to know about sports betting bonuses that we haven’t covered? Email us and we’ll make sure to cover it in an upcoming article.

Rollover Bonus Sports Betting Tips

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