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Playtech’s Blackjack Switch is a two-hands variation of a standard game version, released by Playtech. Unlike other variants with multiple hands, Switch does not allow a single hand play. Selected bets are placed on both stake fields simultaneously. The game also offers an additional (optional) feature called a “Super Match” with a different set of odds displayed on the Blackjack table.

Play free switch blackjack without a need to make a deposit and no need to download any software. You can play for fun and train your skills before betting real money at online casinos. Switch blackjack allows you to switch the second cards of two hands. You can find the other rules on the left of the game screen. Blackjack Switch Free play is a great way to get to grips with the different rules of these variants, which we’ve summarized for you below.

Game Rules & Features

The game is initiated when the player place the selected chips on the marked fields. The stake can be changed by either clicking on the Undo button which will eliminate your last bet, or through a Clear Bets tab. Once the hands are dealt, the player can use the Switch Option and move the upper cards from one hand to the other. An additional bet can be placed on a Super Match field, wagering that your 4 cards will include two of a kind. The rest of the rules remain the same as with other Blackjack forms – the player can double the bet or place the insurance wager against the odds of dealer holding a Blackjack. In case that both the player and the dealer have an equal value combination, the game results in push, where the player gets their stake back.

Payouts & RTP

A standard hand payout comes with 1 to 1 ratio, while the insurance option pays 2 to 1. Super match has an entirely different set of payouts. One pair pays 1 to 1 and two pairs have 8 to 1 payout. If the player is dealt with three cards of a kind, the payout amounts to 5 for 1, or 40 for 1 for four of a kind. The maximum amount the player can stake is $600, with Super Match wager included. Expected theoretical return to player is 99.52%, which is pretty consistent with other Blackjack forms.

Play Blackjack Switch Online

Recommended Tips


Regular strategies can be applied to Blackjack Switch, starting with the betting system that can help you with budget control. It is imperative to understand the best option for every of your moves, as you will not want an extra card when your hand is a hard 17 or up, since chances are you will bust. As far as the Super Match is concerned, you will want to keep the bets on the lower side. Eights and Aces should be split, as this will increase you chances of a winning hand. In some cases, the system will even warn you about the outcome of a certain move, by means of a pop up window asking you whether or not you are sure that the move is the best choice under the circumstances. Fanduel $500 risk free bet.

How To Play Blackjack Switch Strategy

Playtech Blackjack Switch Summary

Play Blackjack Switch For Fun

If you are weary of the classic style Blackjack version, Switch is definitely the one to break the routine and increase the adrenaline level. Super Match feature is a great way to add some extra edge to the already familiar structure, although it does require a certain discipline. While it can be generous, high bets can it this case drain your budget rather quickly.

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