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Understanding NFL football betting odds & weekly point spread is important. If you plan on NFL football picks, this document will be of essence. It's imperative to use live NFL odds for every. Get Free NFL Picks, Parlays and Expert Predictions for every 2020 NFL game.We have the best sports handicappers making NFL predictions using the latest sports betting odds.Throw the bomb and score. If you’re looking for free NFL betting picks from expert handicappers, you’ve come to the right place! On this page, we’ve gathered all our latest NFL betting predictions for your convenience. Let The Sports Geek team guide you through the 2021 NFL Season and give you the best possible chance of winning some real money.

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Upcoming Games for February 7, 2021

Games In Progress

Win %
Orig. Total
Kansas City Chiefs (16-2)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (14-5)
1st Q

Completed Games

Log Loss
Log Loss
Buffalo Bills
Kansas City Chiefs
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Green Bay Packers
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
New Orleans Saints
Cleveland Browns
Kansas City Chiefs
Baltimore Ravens
Buffalo Bills
Los Angeles Rams
Green Bay Packers

Season Prediction Results

GamesRecord (Pct)No PickLog Loss+/-
Sportsbooks00-0 (0.000)0
Sportsbooks00-0 (0.000)0
DRatings00-0 (0.000)0

Predictions Methodology

The NFL computer predictions that are listed below are based on a combination of factors. While home field advantage is a major factor, we do not account for specific weather in our projections. A full list of variables and non-variables that go into our equation may further be explained in our disclaimer.

Note that we are an information site, not a touting service and this information should be used for entertainment purposes only. You will find information on probabilities for each team to win, predicted score, total score and more.

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Nfl Best Bets Against Spread

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In-Game or live betting is part of the latest technology sports bettors have to add to the excitement to their wagering habits. Carefully read this article to understand all that is involved.

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Sunday, February 7, 2021 – 6:30 PM ET at Raymond James Stadium

In-game wagering is far more popular in Europe and other countries that are outside the United States and North America for that matter. The reasons are varied and most of it has to do with online sportsbooks that saw an opportunity in both soccer and tennis in particular. The pace of those sports and the breaks in the action allowed for real-time odds to be posted and the sports bettor to make quick decisions.

Baseball and American football offer a similar pace, but U.S. Americans are easily distracted and often are doing several things at once, which is a deterrent for in-game betting. This demands the ability to understand what you are seeing, thinking ahead and being a rational decision-maker who understands money management.

If in-game betting interest you and you would like to try it out, the Super Bowl is not a bad place to start, since it is one game and as long as you are in a place where you can focus and concentrate, you can pick up a few basics and become comfortable with the process and stop any time.

Why In-Game Betting Offers Everyone Value

For conventional NFL odds, oddsmakers have time to study historical situations, follow algorithms, check with their top experts and still adjust a number if it is slightly off long before a game starts.

For live betting, it's you vs. the algorithms and the person on the other side interpreting the data in real-time to make a snap judgment. That takes the odds against you down and levels the playing field. If you can make mistakes, there is another human who can do the same and if you’re quick, you can find opportunities to make money.

Prepare and Realize It's Fast, so Slow Yourself Down

If you made NFL picks for the side and total and say up to 10 prop bets for the Super Bowl, that is where you should start. We would recommend printing your bets out on paper and have them in front of you where you can continually review them.

Live betting is fast, really fast for newcomers. That's why you should make some low-limit bets to understand the speed and to learn the odds you just saw could change dramatically by the time you actually place your wager.

Most in-game betting platforms are going to give you the option to take a bet no matter what the odds are or take/pass if the odds got better or worse. The names could vary but you want a – Better Odds Button. This is how you create your own value and don’t get stuck with a bad number.

If it is moving too swiftly and your thoughts are spinning – STOP – start over and find a rhythm that meets your pace.

Hedge Betting and Doubling Down Options

Being able to all but guarantee yourself a profit or having the chance to double down on is essentially the same bet is an added benefit of in-game betting.

Free Nfl Sports Betting Picks

Say you had Kansas City on the money line for -165 and they are up 10 points at halftime, as Tampa Bay scored a touchdown right before the half. Tom Brady and the Bucs have the ball to start the second half and scored another touchdown and now trail by only three. You still like the Chiefs but are less certain.

Kansas City takes the ball and marches down the field to kick a field goal to go up by six. With 23 minutes left in the game, you have a new line that has Tampa Bay at +125 to win.

Best Bet Nfl Today

You bet -165 to win $100 to start with on K.C. You begin thinking Brady’s hot and his team can win. If you bet $80 on the Bucs, you would win $180. By hedging this way, if the Chiefs win you have a profit of $20 and if the Buccaneers are victorious, you found a way to pick up $15 profit on a losing bet.


Nfl Week 1 Sports Betting Picks

Doubling down would look this way. You had Patrick Mahomes for OVER 330.5 passing yards. He throws for 225 in the first half, yet the Chiefs are only up three points. With Kansas City moving the ball up and down the field, but still needing more points to win, Mahomes will keep throwing. As long as the second half passing yards for Mahomes is 150 or less, you can make another OVER bet and possibly win twice.

Here Are Elements Not to Do For In-Game Betting

Though nobody wants to talk about it, always be aware of your wagers and think about money management. Don’t let a few losses send you into “chasing” setbacks, since that can only make things worse.

A common occurrence on Super Bowl betting is betting against yourself. In live betting you see a bet or a few bets that look irresistible with how the game is playing out at that moment. The problem, they are completely the opposite of bets you placed before the game. Betting against yourself is not a good strategy. Sometimes you just are wrong, don’t make it worse.

Lastly, never force opportunities. What looks good in the moment may cause regret later. One simple way to avoid this, ask yourself if you would be angry if you lost the best. If the answer is “yes” it is best to pass.

In conclusion, bet smart and have fun with in-game betting!

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