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Solitaire / Patience games (games for one player) Invented games (newly created games and variations contributed by readers) These types of game are generally not listed in the index below. Building this site is a long project. At present the site contains rules for only a minority of the card games that exist. Newmarket (also known as Michigan, Boodle, or Stops) is a game for three to eight players. It is a member of the Stops family of card games, so called because play is periodically stopped by the unavailability of a card needed to continue play.

I didn’t really get the appeal of bingo. The whole game is predicated on mere chance as far as I can see. Now given that I’m no great gambler, I’d only really like to play in a game where there is some element of skill or judgement required. That way, at least I feel that I’m influencing things.

Anyway, it turns out that I’ve really been missing the point of bingo. It’s a long story as to why, but I found myself taking advantage of a ‘free bingo‘ offer from a bingo game site. You basically get £20 of free credit to play in the room, but normally games cost between 5p and a couple of quid to take part.

The game is just like its offline counterpart (albeit without the sticky floor). Numbers get ‘drawn’ by means of software, and then crossed off your gaming card as they come out. The winner is the first person to get all of the numbers struck off on a single card.

Sounds pretty dull, what with there being no skill involved, but I actually enjoyed the experienced. The reason was actually more to do with the chatroom that accompanied the game rather than the game itself. I’ve always been a sucker for online chat, and this was a great example of the genre with a very funny crowd of regulars who made the new boy feel quite at home.

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Newmarket Card Game Board


Newmarket Card Game

I found it pretty interesting just because it didn’t have lots of money at stake, and the social aspect was so compelling and I’m prepared to admit to a (reluctant) liking for the whole experience.

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