Sic Bo enjoys massive popularity among Asian gamblers and can be found at most betting sites. For those unfamiliar with the game, Sic Bo is basically a simplified version of craps that uses three dice instead of two. Every wager in Sic Bo is nothing more than a simple bet on the outcome of the next roll of the dice.

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We’ll get to the rules in a minute, but first let’s look at the best Sic Bo sites for real money.

Best Online Sic Bo Sites

Betting Site

There are many places to bet on Sic bo online, but these are our favourites because each is backed by a long term positive reputation. If you hit one of those high-paying wagers or go on a hot run, you won’t have any trouble getting paid. Furthermore, these sic bo sites offer higher payouts on average for every wager.

I should also warn you that Sic Bo moves along quite quickly online compared to the brick-and-mortar version.

Most Sic Bo websites offer a free version of the game that you can play without risk. This comes in very handy if you’re new to the game and would like to get a feel for the game.

Live dealer Sic Bo is also an option at most established online casinos (such as those recommended on this page).

If you don’t like the idea of playing with an automated dealer and don’t mind moving at a slower pace, live dealer sic bo sites are worth a look. You get the legitimate casino experience complete with a human dealer.

Equally important is making sure you sign up at a safe sic bo site. Again, do your research or stick with the brands listed above. Online gambling requires trust, and trust can only be earned by sic bo sites that honor withdrawals and provide fair games.

One other ranking signal that we consider is the overall quality of the software.


Sic Bo software can vary quite dramatically. The main things to look for in this regard are stability, crisp graphics and fast responses to user input.

Modern Sic Bo websites usually offer the game on multiple platforms.

You can get started from any device by heading to the sic bo site of your choice and clicking “play now.” The site will automatically serve the correct software for whatever operating system you run.

Sic Bo Bonuses and Promotional Offers

Online Sic Bo sites often give out big bonuses to attract new players. Every sic bo bonus is unique, but the basic idea with every bonus is to offer extra money as an incentive to make a first deposit.

Sic bo sites bonuses are offered by gambling sites as a way to compete for your business. There’s one thing you have to watch out for when it comes to Sic Bo in particular: many new player bonuses are not compatible with Sic Bo.

The house advantage of some Sic Bo bets is so low that some sic bo sites don’t feel comfortable giving you extra money to play the game.

If you read through the terms and conditions of any bonus, you’ll see a list of restricted games. In many cases, Sic Bo is one of those games. This means you cannot clear the bonus with wagers placed on Sic Bo.

Sic Bo deposit bonuses are nice but it’s even more important to find a safe and reputable sic bo site to play at.

The best Sic Bo sites also run a variety of ongoing promotions for regular customers. These can include reload bonuses, wagering leader boards and other contests. The more you bet on Sic Bo online for real money, the more rewards you can earn. If you are a high volume player, the rewards can be quite generous.

How to Bet on Sic Bo

Sic Bo originated in the Far East under a variety of names and is still arguably the most popular game in Macau (in competition with baccarat).

The game may look complex to Westerners, but remember the basics are simple.

The only reason you see so many wagering options is because a typical Sic Bo game lets you place a bet on almost every possible outcome of a 3-dice roll.

Sic Bo is played with three dice. The table which accompanies the dice looks complicated, but it’s really nothing more than an elaborate list of betting options and payouts. The 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-17-16-15-14-13-12-11 pattern across the center of the Board simply shows you the wagers you can make and how much they pay out for a win when the dealer throws the three six-sided dice. For instance, the “17 – 1:60” tile simply states that you can bet on rolling a 17 and get paid 60-to-1 odds if that happens.

Fanduel sportsbook

The only thing you need to do as a player is predict how the dice land. Choose any bet on the board, place your bets and then cross your fingers for good luck. This game is almost 100% chance.

Three-Dice Total Bets

A popular collection of bets on the Sic-Bo table are the three-dice bets, which range between the numbers 4 and 17. Because these are found prominently in the middle of the board, one might assume these are good wagers to make. Don’t make that mistake. These wagers have poo odds. The house edge ranges between 9.7% and 15.3% in most Western Casinos and up to a 47.2% edge at Asian casinos. And no, 47.2% is not a typo.

Big Bets

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The big and small sic bo bets are much better choices. The big bet is a wager that your score will total between 11 and 17, except when you roll 3 of a kind (a loss). The odds of hitting this combination is 48.6%, while you are paid out 1-to-1. This means the house edge is 2.8% on the big bet.

Small Bets

The small bet in sic bo is just the opposite of the big bet: that you’ll roll between 4 and 10 with the three dice. In this case, your odds are also 48.6% again with winning bets paid 1:1. Once again, the house edge is 2.8%.

Odd and Even Bets

The same applies to sic bo bets on the odd or the even. In each case, you get 1:1 payouts and have the same percentage of hitting and the same house edge. The even/odd wager is not often offered in Macau.

Any Triples Bet

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This is a fairly simple wager that pays 30:1 if the dice land on any three of a kind (such as all three dice landing on 2). The odds of all three dice landing on the same number are 2.8%. In New Zealand, this wager often pays 31:1 while Asian casinos pay in the range of 24:1. The house advantage therefore ranges from 13.9% to over 30%. Wherever you play, this bet should be avoided.

Specific Triples

Players also have the option of betting on a specific triple combination. The odds of hitting this are minuscule, at just under 1/2 of 1.0% (0.46%). When you hit this combination, you’ll receive a 180 to 1 payout at most Western casinos. Casinos in Macau pay around 150:1. The house edge on this wager is a whopping 16.2% in the United Kingdom and as high as 30.6% in Macau. This particular wager is also best avoided unless you’re in a serious gambling mood.

Specific Doubles Proposition Bet

This one is similar to the above wager except it only requires two dice to land on the same number. This happens 7.41% of the time and pays anywhere from 8:1 to 11:1 depending on where you play Sic Bo online. The house advantage likewise ranges from 11.1% to above 33%. It’s a bad bet in all instances and should also be reserved for those nights in which you couldn’t care less abou the house advantage.

Name Your Numbers

One other option offered at some Sic Bo sites lets you choose any three numbers and pays anywhere from 50:1 to 60:1 if all three numbers come up. Sometimes, you can also pick 4 numbers and get paid if any three of those appear in one throw of the dice. The house advantage in this one ranges from above 15% to nearly 30%. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I recommend you avoid this bet as well.

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