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There are a lot of stories about how gambling websites deceived players. But in fact, you can find a decent online casino for the game. Since this business is very profitable, many sites choose to provide conscientious services, and those who cheat are easy to recognize by general signs. Let’s consider how to choose an honest casino to play risk-free and enjoyable.

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  • 6 Why the Martingale system doesn’t work?

Reviews, ratings, monitoring

If you are wondering if there is an honest casino at all – read specialized forums, independent analysts like Bgaoc website, where you also can play slots for free, check it out here. You will be surprised how many establishments pay out winnings, even very large ones. Before deciding, you can also look at the monitoring sites and various ratings. There you can find out not only the reputation but also:

  • how casino representatives resolve controversial situations;
  • the ratio of positive and negative reviews;
  • how loyal the online casino to the players.

Pretty promises

To lure new users, scammers often use attractive promotions. If you are promised too large bonuses compared to other gaming websites, most likely, it is planned to deceive players. Understand that it is not profitable for anyone to give you hundreds of dollars or thousands of free spins for free. Online casinos that launch such promotions must prescribe the conditions for their wagering, and if there no wagering requirements – that’s a scam.

Most Reliable Online Casinos

Signs of good or bad online gaming site

An honest online casino can be determined by the external features of the site. This is a high-quality design, clear navigation, flawlessly working functions. Fraudsters know that they will not “work” for long, therefore they do not invest in it all. Their sites look clumsy, full of flashy inscriptions and colors, half of the slot machines do not work or work with significant lags.

Pay attention to the slots. The licensed software does not allow casino owners to change the percentage of return, which means that such machines work fairly. If the casino plans to cheat the players, it often uses pirated software for casinos that imitate popular games, and the percentage of return there can be not realistic to win.

Sometimes scammers disguise themselves as a popular website or their mirrors. The list of mirrors changes quite often and inattentive players often fall into the hands of deceivers. Before entering your username and password on the new site, be sure to check whether the site of the required casino is really in front of you. The list of up-to-date mirrors is always available on the main website of online casinos and is also regularly sent to registered players by mail (of course, you should always check the addressee before you click on the link).

The most common problems with dishonest online casinos

Fraudsters use a variety of methods to trick players. The most common are:

Honest Online Casino Kiwis

  • promotion of slot machines in which it will be impossible to catch wins at all;
  • blocking an account with funds for no reason;
  • concealment of the conditions for wagering bonuses, gift spins or knowingly impracticable conditions;
  • refusal to withdraw the player’s funds, cancellation of winnings for various reasons.

Besides, fraudsters can distribute malware under the guise of a gaming client. By downloading a virus to your device, you can lose valuable information and even lose money in your bank account. So keep it in mind when you see a suspicious website.

Is it possible to win at the casino permanently?

Since the advent of gambling entertainment, some naive guys believe in strategies of a win-win game, try to develop them and even sell them. Online casinos are very seductive. Flashing with tidy amounts of jackpots, they create the illusion that the cherished wealth is very close, you just need a little luck, cunning or ingenuity. But, the truth of life is such that gambling establishments always remain in the black. Of course, this does not mean that you will certainly lose money. It’s just that the specifics of the game are such that it is impossible to develop a system that is guaranteed to be profitable. And the casino organizers are not stupid people either and have long been reinsured by betting limits and other conditions.

Why the Martingale system doesn’t work?

Any strategies for a win-win game, even those that look very promising in theory, are doomed to failure in reality. The well-known Martingale strategy assumes doubling the rates for each loss, which should subsequently lead to an inevitable win. It is assumed that the roulette player only bets on black or red until he wins, then changes color and starts over. However, here you will lose in the casino since you either do not have enough money, or you will run into the betting limit. See for yourself, even if you start with $ 1, then a chain of failures will lead to the following growth in rates:

1. 2. 4. 8. 16. 32. 64. 128. 256. 512.

Even if your bank is 1000 dollars, you will not be able to make the tenth bet, because before that you lost 511. But with such a bank, you will have to stop much earlier since many online casinos set a ceiling of bets of 100-200 dollars. Needless to say, one color may not fall out more than ten times, and there is also a green number (a zero), which can insidiously fall out several times in a row.

How to increase your chances of winning?

Even though there is no strategy of a win-win game, you can make it so that the loss in the casino happens less often. For this, experienced players are advised to develop their game tactics, although they do not guarantee the result, they also protect against rash actions and risky bets in a fit of excitement. It also helps a lot to win at online casinos:

  • impeccable knowledge of the rules of the game;
  • setting your money limit for the amount of the bet/number of bets or lost money per session;
  • mathematical approach and understanding of probability theory.

Experienced gamblers also feel the so-called periods of ups and downs and manage to raise or lower the bet rate in time. But for this, you need to play the same game a lot. Besides, do not forget that this is all relevant only for online casinos that play fair or for games where the outcome directly depends on you (for example, card games with real players).

You shouldn’t even start a game if you know that excitement often overcomes your sober mind or in the hope of living on the money you win. Online betting should not interfere with your real life, affect its quality or the level of your family’s income.

Honesty of the Casino Software and Operators

Online casinos use RNGs (Random Number Generators) to achieve the results in online casino games.

The major software providers such as Microgaming and Playtech are 100% reliable, but we still keep records of every bet we make at any casino to be able to notice statistical variations that may fall outside the normal distribution for that particular game.

This becomes even more important when dealing with smaller software providers. Even if the software is reliable and trustworthy, not all casino operators are. Some casino operators will simply not pay a player that has a big win or goes on a lucky streak. This can especially be a problem if it’s a new player that happened to win whilst taking advantage of a generous bonus offer. We know from experience and from the many hundreds of serious players that we communicate with that all the casinos in our toplist will honour and pay out on a win, regardless of how big it is or if it was a new player that happened to win.

Which Online Casinos are Honest?

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This site is catered for all levels of real money gambling experience.

If you are new to the real money gambling experience, we guide you on how to get started, the best Online Casinos and the best casino games with the best odds. We guide you on the most appropriate and safest payment methods.

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If you’re not ready gamble with real money, we provide you with references to free online versions that replicate the real money look and feel. We help you understand the nuances of gambling, in order to become comfortable with online gaming, land based and other gambling developments. This will help you get started to playing for real money.

Are there any honest online casinos?

Contrary to what many Players believe, online casinos know just as much as you do

Often, Players ask whether there are any honest online casinos. They come to this question, when they are playing online and several losses occur in a row that appears to be inconceivable. It might be 10 blacks in a row from playing roulette, or being dealt a set of poor blackjack hands in what appears to be round after round. From this experience, Players come to believe that the online casino software is rigged against the Player. That it is impossible for the Player to win, and essentially the whole set up is a scam. Hence, they question whether there are any honest online casinos.

Are there online gambling games that are honest?

In theory, yes, there is really no need for an online casino to cheat their customers by tampering with their software. With the volume of business that comes through by Players who bet poorly generating significant profit it would not make any sense for online casinos expose themselves to such a risk of losing everything. The risk of damage to their reputation, the risk of Players turning away from their site, the risk of destroying the industry. Just like slot machines at land based casinos, blackjack and roulette video base machines, which are controlled by Random Number Generator (RNG), these machines are not 100% random in technicality.

Often, however, it has been discussed that online casinos cannot show how their software works, and that they are not transparent with their RNG. If I asked whether the same scrutiny has been placed on the operators and staff of land based casinos, would you think otherwise? In my opinion, the software used at land based is the same as that of online.

If I were to ask staff personnel at a land based casino, regarding the RNG software that they are using, and whether it ensures fair play, how does it work etc, I would bet you that most of them would have no idea how it works. They may have a standard company response that they would provide, but in essence, does anyone really know? I seriously doubt it.

Honest Online Casinos

This is the same for online casino operators. Most operators have not a clue about the behind the scenes workings of their website. Infact, the website operators don’t even create the software. They purchase the software from software providers with an annual fee. And therefore, you will find that across several online casinos, the same game is offered to Players. This is because the same software creator is being used by each online casino.

Yes, there have been online instances of employees breaking into the software to divert funds, there have been cases of expert hackers discovering the seeding code to the algorithms used and are therefore able to predict future outcomes, there have certainly been cases a player colludes on online poker sites and have used robots to play games. In these examples it is the Player tampering and not the operator. These examples show online casinos far from tampering the software to beat the average normal player.

No one has proved or gotten close to proving that site software are inherently biased other than to the extent that all gambling games are inherently biased against the player with their house edge.

But how is it possible to continually lose?

Lots of players feel this way when they lose, not just online but also at real casinos. You can see these Players voicing this view at all the reviews of the land based casinos in the Google Review section. Comments such as: “This casino is terrible, the slots are very tight, I never won, the machines just kept sucking in my money.” Or, “I played blackjack, and the Dealer just kept getting 21. It was impossible to win.”

“Bad luck” does happen, and there will be occasions where Player will run a bad streak. It has happened at real casinos, and it will happen with online casinos. This does not mean that either the real or online casino has tampered with the software in any way.

Are the Odds at an Online Casino worse than a Real Casino?

No, usually this is the opposite. Online casinos would normally have better odds for Players as they have less costs to incur when compared to real casinos. Online casinos do not need to pay for land, develop a building and pay for maintenance of the building, employ many staff to operate the tables, purchase slot machines and so on. The online casino cost are far less than those of the real casino, and therefore should be able to pass on better odds to players than real. That is why, you will often see great Sign Up bonuses, Bonus codes and online player rewards. You would be crazy not to take up these offers from online casinos when signing up to an online casino.

How do I find Honest Casinos?

The larger and more established brands are usually the safest to play at. This is because of several reasons.

Firstly, they have the common sense (one would think) to establish a sustainable industry. They don’t have reason to tarnish and ruin the reputation of an industry that is providing substantial profits to them.

Secondly, they have the experience to offer better customer service than the new online casinos to the market. Now, of course, this is generalizing, but in most instances, the larger big branded online casinos have more capital behind them to resolve any issues.

Starting to play with Real Money

There are so many methods to analyze the best real money gaming experience. The first and easiest review is by platform – online and land. Online has convenience, accessibility, gaming variety at your finger tips. You can play via desktop or through different mobile devices. On the other hand, land based brings the atmosphere, the event and face to face interaction. Online vs land has its pros and cons, but at the heart of it, it very much boils down to personal preference, where you reside and accessibility.


If you are a beginner to the online scene, then welcome. You will find excitement, convenience, accessibility. You probably already have some idea about land based casino table games, purchasing lotteries, physical slot machines, and sports betting at terminals. But online maybe a new real money experience.

Online betting is already a mature market in many countries around the world, particularly in developed countries. But in North America it is in relative infancy. To read more about online gambling in the US or Canada click in the links below:

US Online Casinos
Canada Online Casinos

Mobile Device

The beauty of online casinos is accessibility. Mobile devices are becoming part of every day living. Everyone uses a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, so it is really simple to play for real money.

The delivery of playing via a mobile device can either be through an app or website.


The most effective and efficient way for online casinos to provide the best gambling experience was via HTML5 coding. Due to its mobile device compatibility and browser compatibility, a developer can create one website with HTML5 and roll it out to Android and Apple devices.

This means an app isn’t required and you can log in via a website browser. Games can be played via the website and the layout and functionality should be seamless, irrespective of which mobile device and browser being used.

Live dealer Sic Bo is a classic Asian casino game that can be played online at top gambling sites. The game lets players bet against a real-life croupier using real dice. There is no computerized RNG, and the action is fun, reliable and exciting. Our page is the ultimate guide on live casino Sic Bo. Sic bo live online streaming.

However Apple has thrown a spanner in the works and has announced that it will no longer support HTML5 coding on its mobile devices. This means online casinos will need to recode to native iOS (Apples own software language) should they want to provide online gaming on any iPhone, iPad or Macbook.

Mobile Web Version

Prior to the advent of HTML5, developers were required to code separate versions of their internet website for desktop and mobile devices. They found that if they didn’t create two versions the desktop version would not fit appropriately on the mobile device. What may not be noticeable to game players, is that, on a mobile device the layout is smaller and can either be portrait or landscape. Without proper coding the website design can come across as skewed and misaligned.

To overcome this two website versions were made. A desktop version and a mobile version. You may still find some websites which haven’t converted to HTML5 and therefore have two versions of their site.

How does the player know which version they are using?

The player will be able to click on a link between the two site, mobile and desktop. Labels are presented on the top of each site indicating desktop or mobile. The player can then click on the link to from desktop to mobile and vice versa.

Download Native App

Many users will be familiar with downloading an app onto their smartphone. Often popular internet websites will create downloadable apps to replace connecting via an internet website through a browser.

A downloaded app provides a better user experience. Firstly there is a short cut via your App icon on your mobile device which will take you directly to the game. Upon opening, the game should show less lag, more fluid and functionality more user friendly. The advantages are offset by the need for memory on the device, app upgrades and susceptible to viruses and breaches in security.

In general, a desktop would have the most gaming options. Followed by playing games via an app. Occasionally online casinos will provide special bonuses on their apps.

Land Based

The traditional gaming scene previously established at gambling dens is now transformed to glamour, luxury and entertainment. Look at Las Vegas and Macau! Big cities, big gaming and family friendly fun. Open to everyone, there can be real money gambling but also food and entertainment, sporting events, sight seeing, hotel and resort living.

At the other end of the spectrum, land based can also include smaller outlets. They might host Bingo games in halls, provide Keno forms and pencils, video gaming terminals, slot machines, pull tabs, scratch offs and other soft gambling games that are mostly luck driven. These outlets may take the form of bars, truck stops, small convenience stores and the like.

Are Online Casinos Legal?

The short answer is, if the online casino accepts your bet it is fine for you to play and have fun. The onus is to on the operator to ensure that it is acting within the law for each state and country. We are not legal experts and do not claim to know in-depth law. But we do know, that if you attempt to play online and it is blocked, you are therefore not allowed to play in your area of residence. So rest assured, you do not need to be searching and reading statutes and law. An online casino will block you if not legal.

It’s on the onus of the casino not the player.

For more on legality of playing at casinos online or land based, please refer to our guides of each US State and Canada or you can visit this site for USA online casinos.

Game Selection

The most popular of casino games are traditionally played at tables in the casino and require a casino dealer to operate.

Casino games can therefore be categorized between table games and non table. Understanding the categorization is important because in some countries, such as the US, the regulation of legal gaming calls out table games vs other non table casino games. Even in understanding the origins of what is defined as table games, there can still be confusion. Examples include some states in the US ban table games but the electronic version of the table games are allowed. Hence be clear about categorization, and just be aware if some games are inaccessible, it maybe because that category of games is not allowed in your area.

Choosing your game

Choosing your game can be a lot of fun. There is so much to choose from. Particularly when playing online, there is so much variety. We review some of the most popular games below. Of course there are many other games that we haven’t listed so feel free to review our list in the Other Games section of this site.

Game Review


Trusted Online Casinos

A fun game that is rapidly growing in popularity online. There is a real distinct difference between playing at a bingo hall and online bingo. Resulting in an attraction among young women to the chat groups and drawing of numbers in virtual bingo rooms.

Click here for our Online Bingo Guide.


Slots has boomed big time online. There are thousands upon thousands of slot games to choose from. One of the most enjoyable aspects of playing slots online is trying each slot theme / variation. With so many variations you will definitely find a group of favorites. Slots are the top 4 most popular online games.

Make sure you read our Best 7 Slot Hacks before you begin playing! It will help you extending your bank roll and winnings!



Who doesn’t love blackjack? Blackjack is widely popular due to its relative ease for new players to learn and pick, as well as advanced players to try and implement new and different strategies. There variations to blackjack, which although does change the complexion of the odds, it’s doesn’t change significantly the essence of how it is played.

Players love blackjack as it can also be considered a game of skill. Player have a choice to either hit or stand. There also is the social aspect of working with other players to defeat the dealer.

Online blackjack is extremely popular. I have not found an online casino as yet, that does not offer blackjack.


Roulette can be divided into the American and European roulette. A big fan favorite because there is no skill involved and very easy to play. People love to spread their chips across the table and watch with suspense as the ball spins around. Roulette always draws a large crowd at casinos bringing lots of excitement.

Online roulette is just as popular as blackjack. It is a online favorite and is offered on nearly every online casino. Very easy and convenient to play on mobile devices, whether it be single, group or live.

Payment Methods and Withdrawals

Whether playing online or land, its very important to know what is your preferred method of payment for a deposit and method of withdrawal that is best for you. Consideration should be given for fees and surcharges that are placed upon for each payment method. The world of fintech has produced a whole new range of payment methods that is fast, safe, secure and cost effective.

The best online casinos will therefore offer a variety of payment and withdrawal methods without charging excessive fees and process transactions promptly.

We list some of the best payment methods below:

The worst payment method is by far Credit Cards. Credit cards have the highest interest rates charged when defaulting. Even though, you may feel that you will pay your credit card off on time, never ever use credit cards as the payment option.

Know When to Stop

We encourage all to have a great time playing, but sometimes it can be excessive. Know when it is time to stop. Seek assistance should it be needed.

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