Android’s big rival in the mobile phone space, Apple, already allows real money gambling apps on its app stores. Both companies have been subject to legal action over the past year for offering certain types of free-to-play social casino products. The said apps provide users with free chips to play popular casino games. But any of the three apps – casino, poker, or sportsbook – give you access to the PokerStars suite of real money gaming options. When you sign up, you are given a series of three $500 deposit matches using the promo codes WELCOME1, WELCOME 2, and WELCOME3.

Gambling apps to win real money allow you to get easy and quick access to having fun. Reward systems allow you to get more benefits than even expected! The places we recommend are all. If you are looking for the best US sports gambling apps that offer props, you should certainly give MyBookie a shot. This is one of the safest mobile betting sites for Americans, and the management is very creative. You can find all sorts of unique markets for real money betting, as well as exciting promotions and fun contests with cash prizes. Gambling apps to win real money allow you to get easy and quick access to having fun. Reward systems allow you to get more benefits than even expected! The places we recommend are all legal, secure, and respectful of your privacy.

At, we have an entire team of experts who are focused on
bringing our readers the most comprehensive reviews of every online gambling
site we come across.

This includes a deep dive into the mobile options for each
site. Not every site offers an app version, so we have filtered through our
reviews and have compiled a list of our top-rated real money gambling apps.

These apps cross a wide range of gambling products and may include some sites
you have heard of or even have an account with. Taking into consideration things
like the promotions available to mobile players as well as the overall look and
feel of each app, we promise that you won’t be disappointed if you choose any of
the following companies.

RankDE Gambling SiteDeposit BonusProductsGet Started
#1100% Up To €250
  • Sports
  • Casino
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Europa Casino
200% Up To €500
  • Casino
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#3100% Up To €400
  • Casino
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100% Up To €300
  • Sports
  • Casino
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#5100% Up To €400
  • Sports
  • Casino
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The online gambling market, despite all the challenges it has faced over the
last twenty years, continues to grow year after year. There have been a number
of developments along the way that have kept this industry at the forefront of
technology. These include moving from a downloadable software to a no-download
browser-based version, as well as the ability for players to be able to play at
multiple sites at once.

The introduction of the smartphone was another pivotal point for the online
gambling market. Now, players are able to access sites from their phones and
tablets, playing casino games and making sports bets without having to be in
front of their PCs.

When the mobile app became a delivery method, casino
software companies were only too happy to convert their games to this new
concept. Despite the reluctance of the platform providers to approve gambling
apps for their users, the industry continued to press forward in app
development, and the result is that today there are hundreds of approved real
money gambling apps available.

This page will give you an overview of the real money gambling app world,
from our favorite apps to the kinds of apps you may want to download yourself.

At, we have an entire team of experts who are focused on
bringing our readers the most comprehensive reviews of every online gambling
site we come across. This includes a deep dive into the mobile options for each
site. Not every site offers an app version, so we have filtered through our
reviews and have compiled a list of our top-rated real money gambling apps.

These apps cross a wide range of gambling products and may include some sites
you have heard of or even have an account with. Taking into consideration things
like the promotions available to mobile players as well as the overall look and
feel of each app, we promise that you won’t be disappointed if you choose any of
the following companies.

Things to Look for in a Real Money Gambling App

Our team is highly trained and has decades of combined experience in the
online gambling world, so for the most part, it is easy to determine if a
gambling app is worthy of our recommendation. However, we have received a lot of
feedback from our readers asking us to explain how we come up with our rankings.
Without giving away all the trade secrets, here is an overview of some of the
top criteria we look at when reviewing real money gambling apps.

Payment Options

We typically start with a review of the payment options for a real money
gambling app, because without excellent options, the app is a bit of a
non-starter. Payments in the online gambling world have been a challenge since
day one, and with different rules and regulations in almost every country,
staying on top of the industry trends can be a full-time job.

These days, you can pay for almost everything in an app from your Apple or
Android account, and in the case of some countries where online gambling is
legal, some apps actually allow this to happen for deposits as well. This means
that with one click or fingerprint, you can charge your deposit back to your ID
and be billed through whatever method you have chosen.

If this doesn’t work, then there are many e-wallet solutions, all of which
have apps themselves. We give a higher score to sites that have more of these
payment solutions connected to the app itself, so you don’t have to leave the
lobby to make your transaction.

Customer Support

Of course, with all this gambling on the go, you may run into more issues
than you would when sitting in front of your PC. With this in mind, the level of
customer support provided by a real money gambling app is paramount.

We are very
disappointed when we find a support department that isn’t open 24 hours a day –
if a site is willing to take your money at any time, they should also be willing
to provide all-day support.

Being open 24/7 is one thing, but the way in which customer service is
delivered is another. With app play, we like to see a support page within the
app itself that gives you direct links to telephone and email customer service.
All the apps are able to deliver this, so if a site has chosen not to follow
this route, then they are missing something.

Above and beyond the links, the best real money gambling apps have a live
chat window within the app itself. This allows players to communicate directly
with an agent from within the app, rather than leaving the app to do so. While
this is a benefit to the player, it also helps the site, as it means the player
stays within the app while having a problem solved. This results in a far better
chance that the player will continue playing after speaking to an agent.

Game Selection/Product Offering

The final major piece of any of our reviews is the game selection piece. This
is where you see the most differentiation between real money gambling apps. Some
sites only offer one product or even one game in an app, whereas others try to
provide a full gaming experience with multiple products (sports, poker, casino,
etc.) in the mix.

For us, it doesn’t matter if a gambling app has a lot of games or only a few
– that comes down to your personal preference. What we look for is the quality
of the games. We reward sites that use the top vendors, especially if those
pieces of software have been licensed by a gambling jurisdiction like the Malta
Gaming Authority.

Social Gaming Apps – Are They Considered Real Money Gambling?

The boom of social gaming took most of the industry by storm in the
mid-2000s. Seemingly out of nowhere, a series of gambling apps were introduced
that were entertainment-focused, although they did all allow players to make
in-app purchases.


As far as we are concerned, social gambling apps are very different from real
money gambling apps. First off, in many of the social apps, players are rewarded
for simply engaging with the site. While the real money gambling sites are
starting to use these methods of promotion from within their databases, they lag
far behind these social apps.

The real reason we don’t consider these social gambling apps to be gambling
is that a player can never cash out their winnings for real money. The chips
that you purchase at a social casino or poker app are meant for entertainment
purposes – maybe you need chips to achieve a status level in the game or a
minimum number of chips to enter a big tournament. However, aside from some
black-market options which are illegal, you cannot convert your chips into any
tangible currency. This means that you are spending money for entertainment
purposes only.


Now that Apple and Android have eased their stances on approving real money
gambling apps, there is no turning back. As each country changes their gambling
laws, these companies will start allowing gambling apps to enter the market via
their devices. Players get major benefits from playing their favorite games via
a downloadable app, and for an operator, having that app on someone’s phone or
tablet completely changes the way that player can be marketed to, which in turn
increases the chance of repeat play and loyalty.

Gambling Apps For Real Money Iphone

All of our reviews include a section on mobile compatibility, so if you want
to check out more sites than the ones we listed above, we encourage you to check
out our review section. Also, if you have had an experience with a real money
gambling app that you would like to share with our community, please send us a
note, and we will do our best to update our reviews with your feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Real Money Gambling Apps Safe?

There are many layers of safety that you have to consider when playing with a
real money gambling app. First, the software itself should be licensed and
audited by a third party – this will ensure the games are built with the correct
odds and that they play without any issues. Second, the site you choose should
also be licensed by a gambling jurisdiction. This gives players comfort that the
site’s business practices are being monitored so that deposits are safe.
Finally, the app platforms themselves have a security requirement for any app
regarding the transfer of information that needs to be met and approved before
an app can be launched. All of these facets of safety should be in place to give
you the most confidence that your gaming experience will be a secure one.

Why Can’t I Find an App for My Online Gambling Site?

This could be for a couple of reasons. The simple answer is that the site you
have chosen doesn’t currently offer their games in an app. This is still quite
common, as many sites don’t have the resources to build an app of their own or
have chosen to stick with the browser-based version of their offering. The other
reason that you may not find the app is that you may live in a jurisdiction in
which the app is not available. Sometimes, you will find an Android version but
not one for iOS because the folks at Apple are a little stricter when it comes
to approving real money gambling apps. In the case where you can’t find an app,
you can either choose another site or continue to play with the mobile browser
version of the site.

Is an App Better Than Using My Browser?

There are many benefits to having a real money gambling app to play rather
than the browser version of the site. Your password can be stored in most cases,
and the navigation from within the app should be easier to use than via a
browser. What shouldn’t change is the quality of the games themselves. The games
are still being provided by the same supplier regardless of delivery method, and
each game requires you to have a strong internet connection, so you shouldn’t
see much of a difference at all in the play of the game. Don’t forget that the
apps take up space in your device’s memory, so you may want to limit the number
that you have downloaded so you can continue to fill the phone up with selfies!

To make gambling as available as possible for users from different parts of the world and backgrounds, clubs always try new technologies. The most adorable one is an opportunity to play casino applications that pay real cash. If you have long wanted to do it, now it is as comfortable as possible. The administrations of a lot of places have launched their own applications that simplify the use of gambling and allow you to use them at any time and any place.

You will probably enjoy using the mobile versions of clubs, which have a lot of advantages. At least, your smartphone is always with you, wherever you are. The best thing is the possibility not only to spend the time on entertainment but also to earn some money. It is especially a great option if you have been playing during a long time in one place and want to continue doing it even if you don’t have access to your PC.

Best slot machines to play at the casino in oxford maine. When we evaluate, several factors are paid attention to in order to make sure we recommend only the most professional places.

  • First of all, obviously, we check if the website has got an app to play on the mobile phone.
  • Also, we need to be sure, there is an opportunity to download a game from the website, App Store, or Google Play.
  • Then we check how well it works on different devices, such as an iPhone, iPad, and different Android phones.
  • It is important for casino apps that pay real money to be sure all necessary functions work properly. For example, round-the-clock support can be reached through an app, you have access to a variety of games. And other important factors include game optimization on mobile phones which must be done excellent, multi-level protection of personal data, perfect design, and excellent optimization even on weak devices, and finally – a possibility to save the progress in the game even in case of losing connection with the server.
  • And we always look for bonuses because there can not be too many benefits from a game!

And if you still have a question in your head, like if there are any casino apps which pay real money, our answer will be “yes”. But go only to good places. We will tell you about them here.

Casino Apps That Pay Real Money

220% UP TO $12000 BONUS
5.0 rating
225% UP TO $12250 BONUS
5.0 rating
$8,888* BONUS
4.8 rating
400%* BONUS
4.8 rating
$1000* BONUS
4.5 rating
$1000* BONUS
4.5 rating
$2,500* BONUS
4.3 rating
$2500 + 70 FREE SPINS* BONUS
4.3 rating
$3000* BONUS
4.0 rating
4.0 rating

Casino Applications vs Mobile Browsers

Most users are interested in whether a mobile casino differs significantly from the desktop version. Is it true? What casino apps pay real cash and you can the most out of it? Actually, between playing real gambling apps and using browser you will feel only a slight difference:

  • Some gambling apps for real money may not optimize all the games which are presented in a PC club. It may be caused by technical difficulties or optimization takes a lot of time. But in most of the cases, it means the next: more games are coming so stay tuned.
  • And at the same time, all the real cash casino apps you can find in your device will definitely work properly, as their technologies are optimized beforehand for this purpose. So you will not have the situation when you open a game and become upset because it doesn’t start launching. Graphic effects and sounds will be the same.
  • But the most important remains to be the same – convenient withdrawal/depositing of funds and a chance win large amounts of cash. So try your luck today!

Where to Find Real Money Casino Apps

Some players claim that nothing can compare to the thrill of winning funds, so they prefer to install apps on their devices to have a chance open favorite one at any moment. The most popular online casinos offer free specialized apps that can be downloaded either from the App Store, Play Market or directly from the gambling website.

iPhone Gambling Apps

Mobile devices are now more widespread than ever, with Apple’s iPhone taking a significant part of the smartphone market with games from App Store. The California-based technology company generates billions each year from sales of its smartphones and tablets. Owners of their products with iOS can download additional applications to devices and enjoy gambling 24/7. The App Store has all sorts of popular casino games such as slots, poker, and blackjack because of the comfort of their usage. You just need to have a phone with you to dive into the world of entertainment.

Best Real Money Casino Apps

Android Gambling Apps

Everyone knows that the mobile casino has more advantages than the browser version. And for those, who have an Android phone, there are lots of opportunities to join gambling world. The special software does not take up a large amount of gadget space, runs quickly, and is not blocked by Internet service providers. Any mobile casino has many advantages over the browser version. The games in app are often updated, an application presents the best video slots from well-known providers, and guarantees absolute security of personal information and payments. It is even more convenient than using a PC. So why don’t you try it out today?

Games Available on Casino Apps

There are way more opportunities for you to join gambling than you may have ever thought. Mobile applications allow playing your favorite games, such as roulettes, blackjack, card ones, and so on with the help of only one device. Let’s look at what you can receive when going online.

Applications for Slots Which Give Real Money

Slot machines are a great way not only to have fun but also to earn funds. Now gamblers can install extensions to smartphones and enjoy the game anywhere: at work, walking, in the park, in transport, and so on.

Of course, not everyone is used to playing slot apps that pay real cash from a smartphone and immediately think whether it’s worth spending time downloading the app. But it is a hundred times more convenient! Download some slot machine apps that pay money and you will clearly understand all the features. Taking into account the fact that the download, launch, and authorization procedures will all take no more than 5 minutes, you will not lose anything. Also, the program is free, because this version is solely for users to be able to play more comfortable. Try it and you will find plenty of advantages!

All the best slot apps that pay real money have convenient design solutions. The mobile version allows us to use the gambling club as comfortable as possible, regardless of the size of the smartphone screen. While playing in the browser, you may have noticed there certain bugs. All because the browser is not designed for some games which require hardware resources. The mobile versions of slot game apps that pay real money are full-fledged apps with its own architecture, so it was initially adapted to the capabilities of modern smartphones. In addition, they have made high-quality optimization, so everything is played on the phone as quickly and conveniently as possible.

Real Money Roulette Apps

Roulette is one of the most popular games in the world. If you also love this queen of entertainment, mobile casinos with roulettes are exactly what you need. So you will learn everything about the game and can try your skills out at any free version. Just go to proven applications with a worldwide reputation and you will be able to test your luck. We advise you to read about the rules of different variations of the game, bonuses, and several strategies that will increase your chances of winning.

The apps contain a lot of interesting things. Each player can choose whether to play for money or for free. Each of the modes has its own advantages, and before you choose one for yourself, you should try it out. There is even an opportunity to start in a demo mode, where any risks are excluded and you can study the rules as much as you want, try different strategies in practice without fear of losing a round sum. It is an entertainment for users who understand the principles of the game, and have the ability and desire to make bets.

Real Money Blackjack Apps

Players using mobile phones can expect the same blackjack options that can be found on a desktop computer or laptop. Live game is a great opportunity for everyone. It gives a chance to play blackjack with a real dealer, and keep all the advantages. The dealer will communicate via webcam, laying out cards on the table. People often choose to play this game in an app because the confidentiality for everyone is guaranteed. The camera is only in front of the dealer. If you want to ask a question or leave a comment, you can use the text chat window on your phone.

Real Money Video Poker Apps

If you are tired of boring office days, if your vacation is still very far away, and you want new sensations and bright emotions, we suggest you look at the online casinos where you can play video kind for money after registration.

If you have never played this game or are afraid to fail your first one, we recommend you playing a free version of this entertainment. You definitely will be happy. Just because it is video kind, it gives a feeling of being in a real place because you will see the dealer with your own eyes. He communicates with players, allowing them to experience the atmosphere of a gambling house in virtual reality using only a phone. An interesting fact is that if you know how to play classic version, you will easily become a professional in online version. But if you choose the right mobile app to go, you will be satisfied with an abundance of offered entertainment, exclusive loyalty programs, simplicity, and convenience of it to the smallest interface detail.

Benefits of Using Applications

Let’s look at some more positive sides people get when download slots app to your device.

  • It is worth noting, that all necessary functions were already included to a mobile version of casino game apps.
  • You will have full access to hundreds of slot machines. Slot game apps that pay real money are also popular because there are many card games. You can easily choose an interesting version of poker and other. There is also a virtual roulette, and all its varieties. Choose your favorite slot apps that pay PayPal and unique games to enjoy betting from your phone.
  • In addition to a full range of slot machines, and other games, there is also plenty of bonuses. And especially for those who decided to play with the app, there are several exclusive ones. First, you can get a reward for downloading the program via a link on the official website. In fact, players of real apps can easily get basic capital for further games.

Stop wondering which casino apps pay real money – choose favorite and start today!

Top 3 Casino Applications in the US

Keeping to the evaluating system we have mentioned in the beginning, we test a lot of places. And as a result, we came up with three clubs prove to be the best. They satisfy all the requirements we are looking for before naming a casino “a trusted place” and their average score is the highest. We made a description of these clubs to save time and demonstrate all the benefits of the best casino that pay real money. And from now you can have all your favorite games in a pocket to place bets at home, in transport, while traveling, or during a lunch break at work.

Slots Empire Casino App

Accepted devices: iPhone, iPad, Android

  • Support: 5/5
  • Bonuses: 4/5
  • Design: 5/5
  • Optimization: 5/5

RTG has put a tone of effort to make this place look attractive – from the first second of using this casino app that pay real money you dive into the atmosphere of ancient times full of Roman legions and historical places.

We choose this place because it is well optimized for mobile devices and we would call it every gambler’s main priority. As the place wasn’t created a long time ago, its design is very fresh and neat giving the best experience and emotions to everyone. The place has got plenty of well – thought characters, stories, and sounds.

The last but not the least, we would like to admit a generous reward system in a casino app real money which gives every gambler bonuses worth playing more and winning high! In case you have some questions – you are welcome to go talk to support. They are very friendly!

Red Dog App

Accepted devices: iPhone, iPad, Android

  • Support: 4/5
  • Bonuses: 4/5
  • Design: 5/5
  • Optimization: 5/5

This place truly can be named as the most stylish and well – designed one. It is stylized in white and red colors with the dog as the main mascot. If you wonder what casino apps pay real money, you are on the right way. The general user experience looks like communication with a friendly mascot which leads you from registration, deposit, getting bonuses to the big wins!

All users wonder how original and interesting it is – like no other place! Regularly, Red Dog picks up a game of the months to highlight one which received the biggest amount of enthusiastic reviews so more people can enjoy it!

The optimization of all games in the casino app win real money is done professionally – so you definitely will not come across any bugs or problems because owners put the biggest attention to the technical side.

Uptown Aces App

Accepted devices: iPhone, iPad, Android

  • Support: 5/5
  • Bonuses: 5/5
  • Design: 4/5
  • Optimization: 4/5

This place has been operating in a market for a long time already and through all the years it has gained a reputation of a trusted casino. Their app is well thought but it may not have all the games which web version has because some kinds of entertainment may be difficult for optimization as they have a lot of unique features.

But you definitely will be very satisfied with the bonus system because this place has all kinds of rewards you may want and even unique daily ones! By the way, we would like to admit this place also thanks to responsible payments and fairness – this casino players can trust.

And if you are searching the best gambling apps to win money, you definitely should look at this club!

Don’t wait – start today!

We have reviewed a lot of apps and made a conclusion – casino game apps which can pay real money are a great technical achievement and has plenty of advantages. We are sure it is the future of the industry. A downloaded application has much better graphics and sounds which make the atmosphere of an actual place. Also, you do not need to wait for the flash version of the game to load in the browser every time, and you can immediately start betting and playing at your favorite casino app that pays real money.

Also, it is worth remembering – developers of software for gambling apps real money are constantly improving their products, introducing new features, as well as correcting errors. With the development of technologies, the process of making games takes less time so all good places have to have apps to win real money.

And the best thing is that the iOS and Android versions of casino apps real money have all the features you may need – support team, opportunities to withdraw and deposit funds, the best games, and lots of bonuses. All the best things in one place. Isn’t it a reason to download real cash apps? Start today and score high!

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