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Free sports betting is a safe and easy way to learn how to wager on sporting events. Many people enjoy betting on sports for real money, but some aren’t ready to make that commitment. Another option for those who either don’t have the bankroll or don’t understand sports enough is to bet on sports for free.

Experience the thrill of sports betting with Hard Rock Sportsbook in Iowa. Bet on professional and colleges sports all year long! As an entirely free bet, there will be no need to make a deposit to claim the no deposit free bet. It should come as no surprise that a no deposit free bet amount is usually minimal. For instance, most online sportsbooks will offer a no deposit free bet that ranges from $5 up to a maximum of $10.

In this article, we are going to take a look at the types of free sports betting there are. We will also look at the places you can bet on sports for free. Finally, we’ll talk about the purpose of free sports betting and how to know you are ready to take the jump into real money sports betting.

Let’s jump right into the types of free sports betting that are available.

Place your parlay and receive a $1,000 bonus with no rollover, if your bet is the highest winning parlay of the month

Types of Free Sports Betting

There are three main types of free sports betting that we will cover.

At a Sportsbook for Real Money - this type of free sports bet happens at an online sportsbook. Some offer “Free bets” in exchange for different things. This is typically a promotional offer that the sportsbook is offering. For example, some sites offer you a free $25 bet for trying out their mobile platform. Or some other sportsbooks may give you a free balance just to give it a try. This would be a nice no-deposit free sports betting bonus. But in the end, the money that you win is real. You are just not putting any money down, making it a free sports bet.

At Sports Sites for Prizes, Cash and Bragging Rights - sites like (previously CentSports) and are designed so you can bet on sports for free to win prizes or cash. We will talk more about both of these sites a bit later, but understand it’s free to sign up and make bets at these sites. Winning bets can result in prizes or even cash if you get good. This form of free sports betting is a great way to get your feet wet and learn about the industry.

With Friends for fun - the last type of free sports betting we’ll talk about is when you are wagering against your friends for fun. Some friends like to bet $20 on a game. That would be “real money” sports betting. But other friends love to make friendly wagers just to prove who is smarter. Or maybe for bragging rights or for rights to do something else. Betting with friends for free is a fun way to participate.

Ok, there are three types of free sports bets. Let’s now talk about the places you can bet on sports for free.

Where Can You Bet on Sports Free - CentSports was one of the pioneers in the free sports betting industry years ago. They have recently merged with to become the largest free sports site around. So how does this work? With SportsPlays, when you sign up they will give you a $1 balance. To get more money, you don’t deposit real money. You do tasks, invite friends, share their site, continue playing on their site, all to earn a bigger balance. Once your balance gets above $200, you can actually cash out that real money balance. But again, you are playing for free as it is a no-deposit site. They also have cool leaderboards that will show you how you rank against other free sports bettors around the globe. - The direct quote says it all about, “ is all of the excitement of betting on your favorite teams and sports with none of the gamble. Make your picks across all of the major leagues: MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, NASCAR, Soccer as well as NCAA Football against real spreads, lines, and totals. All absolutely free.” This is similar to SportsPlays, but they have coins, 'BombBucks' and cash. You can earn more of these by playing in contests, challenging friends, and much much more. has a cool looking interface and has many features that does not. BetBomb also does some free daily fantasy sports contests as well.

Sportsbooks - As we mentioned above, this is rare but some sportsbooks do offer free bets that allow you to win real money. These are typically promotions. Also, if you find one of these sportsbooks you can only make one free bet as standard. Sometimes you have to 'play' your real money prize 10x or so before you can withdraw it from the site.

Those are just three places you can bet on sports free. There are several other smaller sites similar to SportsPlays and BetBomb, but those are the largest two.

Let’s now shift gears and talk about a few reasons you may want to consider betting on sports for free.

What is the Purpose of Free Sports Betting

Isn’t sports betting supposed to be financially lucrative? Why would you want to do free sports betting? We have a few reasons listed here.

Fun - maybe you just enjoy betting on sports but don’t want to put any money down. It’s fun to follow the games and spreads.

Learn the sports - betting on sports is a great way to learn about that sport. It forces you to follow the teams and action each night. If you can do that for free, it may be a really easy way for someone to learn sports before diving into real money sports betting.

Learn how to bet - maybe you don’t know how to bet? Why would you want to risk real money? Betting for free is a good way to learn about spreads, moneyline, juice and more. Get comfortable with the betting terminology for free before you jump into the real thing and spend your hard earned cash.

So are you ready to start betting on sports for free? Once you do, you may be ready sooner than you think to transition into real money sports betting. Hopefully, you enjoyed and learned a little bit about no-deposit sports betting. Come back often as we continue to talk about other sports betting topics here at HITYAH.

Thanks to Michigan’s legalization of sports betting at the end of 2019, legal Michigan sportsbooks have arrived in the Wolverine State with goodies in hand. Sports bettors in other states have had the opportunity to grab numerous online sports betting bonuses, and now Michiganders can enjoy the same or similar kinds of sportsbook bonuses and promo code offers.

Like in other states where sports betting is legal, those offers include match deposits, large risk-free bets, and other freebies.

This page is intended as your complete guide to sign-up bonus offers for legal Michigan online sportsbooks. Among other topics, we rank bonus offers from best to… not the best, and will point you directly to the best bonus codes and offers available for the taking.

Best MI Online Sportsbook Bonus Offers


$250 Deposit Match

  • Use in Sportsbook or Casino
  • Simple 1X Playthrough
  • Unmatched Loyalty Program
  • Excellent Teaser Pricing

$1000 Risk-Free Bet

  • Refund paid out in site credit
  • Tons of Props on 16+ Sports
  • Speedy Withdrawals, Deposits
  • Smooth, Sleek Design

$600 Risk-Free Bet

  • Promo Code: MIBETS
  • Tons of Promotions
  • Fast Withdrawals and Deposits
  • Good Media Integrations

$500 Risk-Free Bet

  • No opt-in required
  • PayPal Deposits, Withdrawals
  • Offers Custom Bets
  • Backed by FOX Sports

$2021 Risk-Free Bet

  • Promo Code: MIBETSRF
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Win Big on Player, Game Props
  • Most Experienced Bookmaker

List of MI sports betting promo codes

MI Online SportsbookPromo CodeBonus Offer
William HillMIBETSRFRisk Free-Bet up to $2021
PointsBetMIB2K$2000 in Risk-Free Bets
BetMGMMIBETSRisk Free-Bet up to $600

Be aware that just because an online sportsbook doesn’t have a promo code, you can still expect great bonuses from them, simply by clicking through the links on this website when signing up your account.

The best Michigan sportsbook promo offers, ranked

Free Sportsbook No Deposit Bonus

Bonus terminology is similar but different, and can be a bit confusing at times. After some debate and fist-fighting amongst our staff, we have finally reached a definitive ranking to help you assess and understand the various offers that will come your way. Ranked from best to not best:

1. No-Deposit Free Bet

Ranking the no-deposit free bet number one was a no-brainer as they are the very definition of free money. Once you complete the registration process, sites will have free bets waiting for you. They are usually on the small end, anywhere from $10-$30 and there are usually some stipulations on odds and may only pay the profits on the bet (not the stake as well), but hey! Free money!

2. “Match Bonus” (1x play-through)

A match bonus is when an online sportsbook matches your first deposit up to a certain amount. For example, BetRivers came out of the gate offering a 100% first deposit match up to $250, where if you deposit $250, they will match that deposit dollar for dollar, allowing you to instantly double your bankroll to $500. The bonus money plays the same as cash, meaning the bet plus profit are paid out on winning bets and all you need to do is play that $250 bonus one time through, at any denomination in order to turn the bonus money into withdrawable cash.

3. Deposit-based Free Bets, or First bet matched “Free Bets”

Similar to no deposit free bets, free bets typically have some odds restrictions, but what we like about the deposit or first bet match is that you can control the amount and they are usually much larger than their no-deposit counterpart. For example, you deposit $200 into the sportsbook:

  • On a deposit-based free bet, the sportsbook would give you a free bet in the amount of $200;
  • On a first bet matched free bet, the sportsbook would give you a free bet (up to a certain amount) equivalent to the value of the very first bet you make at the sportsbook.

Downsides are that you are only paid out the profit of winning bets (cash bets pay the original bet + profit), and they are typically one and done.

4. “Risk-Free Bets”

Risk-Free Bets are becoming increasingly popular among online sportsbooks in the U.S., and that can be attributed to the fact that they sound great, but, well, they’re ranked fourth here for a reason.

A risk-free bet is when you place your first bet, and if it loses, you will be refunded up to a certain amount in either site credit or a one time free bet (some are offering them up to $500). A risk-free bet is still a generous offer, as it gives you a second chance to win your money back if your first bet comes up short, but if you win your first bet, that’s it.

It’s important to note that not all risk-free bets are created equal. The method in which a sportsbook will issue the refund is very important in these rankings. Lets take a quick look at the rankings within the rankings (in order from best to least wonderful):

  • Cash refund: This would be the only true “risk-free” bet, where if your first bet loses, you will be refunded 100% in cash, which you can then withdraw as if nothing ever happened. This is a rare sight to see, but has been offered by a few online sportsbooks in the U.S. market.
  • Site credit refund: Site credit refunds are very player-friendly (if the first bet loses), as the site credit can be wagered in any denomination, and plays the same as cash, meaning that the bet + profit is paid out on winning bets.
  • Free bets (that can be broken down): Typically, when taking advantage of a risk-free bet, you may make a larger bet than you typically would, knowing that you have some insurance that if you lose you get a shot at winning your money back. When you can break a $500 free bet into 5 equal $100 bets, it gives you a better chance to bank a few winners in there.
  • One-time free bet: Once again, if you take advantage of the risk-free bet promotion, you may be betting bigger than you are usually comfortable with. The one-time free bet refund is basically a chance to win your money back, not turn any profit as the free bets only pay out the profit on winning bets.

5. Welcome match bonus (rollover heavy)

Some sites will match your first deposit or first bet up to a certain amount but with less than desirable wagering requirements. While the 1x wagering requirements listed above are extremely player friendly, once you get into 5x, 10x or even 25x turnover, the edge starts to turn in the sportsbook’s direction. For example, a $500 1x bonus would only require $500 in wagers to turn it into cash, while that same $500 bonus with 25x wagering requires a hefty $12,500.

Why are generous sportsbook bonus offers available?

Same reason grocery stores issue coupons, retailers offer 10-50% off, Ben & Jerry’s runs its Free Cone Day: they want your business. As noted earlier, there’s a load of quality sportsbooks now available in Michigan, and the competition will be fierce to get people to the (online) sportsbook window to give a test drive.

Some brands already have a lot of name recognition or even brand loyalty. Those include DFS-operators-turned-sportsbooks FanDuel and DraftKings. There’s also BetMGM, which is associated with the MGM Grand Detroit and MGM Resorts International, a nationally-recognized brand. There’s some other sportsbook players that are not very well known in the U.S., but have pretty damn cool sportsbook apps and offerings. They’d all like you to use the promo and stick around for a while. Giddy’up!

MI sportsbook bonuses give great value

Not all sportsbook bonus offers are created equal — but that’s not always apparent on the face of the offer. Some include semi-confusing language, or contain certain requirements that make it difficult to unlock the full bonus advertised. Some offers just don’t have as much upside as it may appear. Fortunately, some are quite lucrative and very easy to secure, or quite literally are free cash requiring only the effort of typing your name and email.

What kinds of sign up offers are available in Michigan? Although the road was bumpy and included one veto in 2018, the bills for legal sports betting, online casinoand online poker that ultimately passed are quite good for both sportsbooks (the operators) and consumers alike. The tax rate on sportsbook revenue is 8.4%, which is on the reasonable end. Meaning that sportsbooks don’t have to pass some costs to the bettors in the form of slashing bonus offers. (Compare with Pennsylvania, where the tax rate is 36%!)

The law is also good for bettors because it allows up to 23 online sportsbooks to enter the state. Each tribal casino in the state, and commercial casino in Detroit, may launch an online sportsbook — with or without the help of a partner having sportsbook experience.

That’s a lot of legal sportsbooks, almost double the number as in PA, and overall means more choice, diversity and competition for your loyalty.

Who is eligible for MI sportsbook bonuses?

As long as you meet the criteria of the actual law and regulations, you should be eligible to receive any of the available sportsbook promotional offers. Super star turns slot free play.

Key criteria:

  • You must be 21 years of age and up to sign up for a legal sportsbook account;
  • You must be located within the state of Michigan when placing a wager(s) at the sportsbook offering the promotion (but you do not have to live or be located in Michigan to open an account);
  • You may need valid identification to sign up with some sportsbooks (such as any state-issued driver’s license);
  • You probably will be disqualified from receiving a bonus if you are an employee of the sportsbook or the casino with which the book is partnered;
  • There are restrictions and limitations for athletes and staff with professional and NCAA collegiate sports teams;
  • While there are some “no deposit” sign-up bonuses, to access the vast majority of MI sportsbook bonuses, you will also need to make a deposit and fund your account in order to make a real-money wager, in order to qualify for the bonus.

You should always look over the Terms and Conditions for each offer. Assuming you are not disqualified, you should be able to obtain as many of the available bonus offers as you like. We suggest keeping track of your accounts on a spreadsheet or, if you’re old school, a notebook. However you manage, there’s a lot of promotional dollars you can bag up!

MI sportsbook bonus terms and conditions

We discussed eligibility requirements earlier, but here offer a few words about the “fine print” and some things you should keep in mind as you weigh the various offers and bonus codes that come your way.

For the vast majority of bonuses, you’ll need to deposit funds and place a real-money wager in order to activate the bonus. Below, find some of the most common wagering requirements.

Play-through requirement

The most straightforward example is a 1x play-through requirement in order to unlock a “match bonus.” Suppose the offer is a 100% match up to $250 at BetRivers. So you deposit $250 into your account, and the house will match you dollar for dollar up to $250, with one very reasonable stipulation: that you put the $250 deposited into play at least once (1x). This could be in the form of five $50 bets or any increment, but you have to stake a total of $250 in order to unlock the full $250 match into your cash balance.

The play-through requirement may differ from offer to offer, and some of them worth passing might be in the 20x range, which means you’d have to stake $5,000 in bets before you could unlock the full bonus.

Limitations on betting favorites

Sometimes the terms may stipulate that you cannot bet a large favorite to satisfy the terms of the offer. For example, let’s say you’re offered a $500 risk-free bet (explained above). The limitation might be that you cannot bet a team/side favored at -250 or greater on the moneyline. The idea being in this case that they’re not going to fork away free cash on mid-to-huge favorites.

Eligible bets

This is more commonly seen with online casino bonuses, but we’ve noticed in sports before: In reaching the wagering requirement, some kinds of wagers may count more or less than others toward the dollar requirement. Typically parlays and teasers will count at a higher rate, maybe 1:1, while moneyline and straight bets a bit lower, perhaps 0.50 cents on each dollar wagered.

Other Michigan bonus odds and ends

Withdrawing funds

You won’t be able to withdraw funds considered bonus money until you’ve satisfied the requirements of the offer. See above wagering requirements. Once satisfied, you’ll be able to actually withdraw via whatever banking means you have used. Some sportsbooks will show your balance, and then available withdrawal balance, when you go to the banking page.


Finding your bonus bet(s)

Some sportsbooks have a separate tab for your cash account (money you’ve deposited) and bonus funds, which should show the bonus bets you have available. At some sportsbooks, your bonus bets will appear in your bet slip once you make a selection. If this is the sportsbook’s style, you should see a box to check and the corresponding dollar amount. You don’t have to use your bonus bet if it shows in the slip — but it’s there should you wish to put it in play. Which takes us to…

Bonus expiration

Most sportsbooks won’t leave bonus offers hanging out there in perpetuity. This means that:

  • You may have somewhere between 7 and 90 days to use “free bets” that are given off the bat.
  • You may have somewhere between 7 and 90 days to make the bets that would qualify you for the bonus (for example, making $250 in bets to get the match deposit)

Obviously those are big ranges of time. It could be a full year even. Point is, check the terms and conditions so you know which date range will apply to yours.

Accordingly, you may want to wait to sign up for an account so it coincides with a sporting event you know you want to bet on. For example, The Masters, the NFL season or March Madness.

Claiming bonuses in multiple states

Probably isn’t going to fly. Your account will be associated with your email or phone number or driver’s license. Most sportsbooks will not allow you, for example, to claim a $500 risk-free bet in PA and then do it again in CO.

Michigan online sportsbooks offering bonuses

Online sportsbook bonus offers aren’t static. Some are offered during different sports seasons, some you might see running over multiple years.

This page will be updated, but at the time of writing, the “ratings table” at the top of this page will show the top offers for Michigan sportsbooks. Check back here often as we will share their bonus offers.

Customer service for bonuses

If you have any questions or concerns about accessing your bonus, we encourage you to reach out to the sportsbook’s customer service. Many offer live chat while some will only field questions via email or an online form.

Sometimes the bonuses might take 24-72 hours to process. Other times, perhaps they just missed it. All Michigan sportsbooks much be licensed and regulated, which means the Michigan Gaming Control Board will hold them accountable to honor offers. If you think a sportsbooks has made a mistake, begin with a question to customer service and if necessary, escalate from there.

Check out our separate sportsbook reviews on each individual sportsbook for a bit about their contact information and customer service department’s reputation.

Sportsbook free play no deposit

Parting shot: Other bonuses and promotions

Even after you sign up for a new Michigan sportsbook account, you’re going to see a whole lot of different promotions, free bets, odds boosts or “profit boosts” available to you throughout the sports seasons.

Free Online Sports Betting

Some of them will be for specific types of markets — such as in-play bets — some for specific events, such as on a golf tournament.

Keep your eyes peeled and come back here to check for the latest, greatest sportsbooks bonus codes and offers.

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