What is Egyptian Rat Screw?

‎Imagine a card game that is super inviting, personalizable and entertaining. This is that game. ERS is an extremely colorful, customizable, and fun way to play Egyptian Rat Slap (or Rat Screw). On the same iPhone or iPod Touch, you can play with a friend or challenge a computer at five levels of. Egyptian Rat Screw (ERS) is a fast-paced game of many names, such as Egyptian Rat Slap, Egyptian Ratkiller, and Egyptian War. The game has similarities to the British game Beggar my Neighbour, as well as Slapjack, Speed, and Spit, with its slapping mechanism.

Egyptian Rat Screw is a matching card game for three or more players. The ERS card game involves the titular slapping action that happens once a certain condition is achieved, which shows its influence from games such as Slapjack and other more action-oriented card games.

How to Play Egyptian Rat Screw?

Egyptian Rat Screw can be played with 3 or more players, though 3 is the most common and most well-paced player count. All you need to play a game of Egyptian Rat Screw is the 52-card standard Anglo American deck.


The dealer is determined by random or bydeck splitting. The dealer then deals an equal number of cards to each player,one card at a time. Players are not allowed to view their cards before playing them. Allcards will be played to the centre of the table, equidistant from all otherplayers, forming the centre pile.

Playing Cards

Ers Card Game Online

The player to the leftof the dealer goes first. On each turn, the player will play the top card oftheir hand to the centre pile. The cards must be played in such a way that allplayers see the revealed card at the same time.

The turn then passesto the next player in clockwise order, with each consecutive card being playedon top of the last card on the draw pile.


The play continues until a face card(Kings, Queens and Jacks) or an Ace is played. The player playing the card thentemporarily becomes the “challenger”. The next player then temporarily becomesthe “challenged”. Wsop texas holdem poker online online free. This player has a few chances to play another Ace or facecard to win the challenge.

  • Ace: 4 chances.
  • King: 3 chances.
  • Queen: 2 chances.
  • Jack: 1 chance.

If the player fails todraw a face card or Ace within the allotted number of turns, the challengertakes the pile.


If the challengedmanages to play the face card or Ace, then that player becomes the new“challenger”, and the following player in turn order becomes the new“challenged”, repeating the process.


Certain card combinations can be assignedto facilitate the slapping action. Slapping allows players to steal cards outof order, with the fastest players taking the card piles.

An example of combinations that allowslapping include the following:

  • Doubles: two cards with the same rank,regardless of suit.
  • Sandwiches: two cards of the same rank, with adifferent card in between the two.
  • Runs: 1 or more cards in ascending ordescending order played in succession.
  • Wilds: A Joker card being played, an optionalinclusion.

Due to the nature ofthe game, other optional combinations can be included as well.

Ers Card Game

Ers Card Game Rules

To slap, the playersmust slap downwards, above the centre pile. The slaps, by nature, will be piledup above the card pile. Thus, the fastest player will be the player whose handis the lowest in the pile.

Players Card Game Online

How to win Egyptian Rat Screw?

The game ends once a player has claimed allthe cards available in the game. Players are eliminated once they have no cardsremaining.


Playing the cards to the centre pile shouldbe exact and precise. If players play cards outside the specified range(generally meaning touching more than half of the last played card), they canbe penalised.

Players are alsoallowed to contest card claiming. This is optional, and it does mean thatplayers are allowed to bluff. If the bluff is called, they will need to givethe top card of their hand to the player who called the bluff. If a bluff ismistakenly called, the calling player gives their top card to the bluffingplayer.


Players are penalized when they make amistake while slapping. If the player slaps even though no valid combinationwas played, they will need to discard one or more cards as a punishment. Thenumber of cards depends on the house rules.

Summary of Rules

In conclusion, the Egyptian Rat Screw rules are:

  • Each player is dealt the same number of cards.
  • Each player plays their top card to the centre pile.
  • If a face card or Ace is played, the challenging process begins.
  • If a combination is played, the fastest player to slap the pile takes the pile.
  • The player who claims all cards wins.

Scoring & Points

Egyptian Rat Screw scoring is based on thewinner of the most rounds. This assumes that the game consists of multiplerounds. Each round awards 1 point to the winning player.

Example Hands

Example hands in the ERS card game are shown below.


Player 1 plays the card Q ♣ , which initiates the challenge. Player 2, by rules, has 2 tries to play a face card or an Ace. Player 2 fails to play a card with the allocated turns, thus, Player 1 takes all the cards.

Say Player 2 manages to play a J♦on the 2nd turn. Player 3 must now play aface card or an Ace within 1 turn. Player 3 fails to do so, thus, Player 2claims the pile as the new challenger.


Player 1 plays 6 ♦, and Player 2follows with a 6 ♠. Now, all players will slap since aDouble combination has been formed. The player whose hand is in contact withthe most cards will get all cards in the pile.

Strategy & Tips

  • Egyptian Rat Screw strategy is about being alert.
  • When challenged, do not worry too much, as the game then becomes a game of chance.
  • Look out for bluffs, as these can help add to your card count.
  • Slap as fast as you can to win.
  • Know all the combinations that allow slapping.
  • Don’t rush to slap when you see others do so unless you’re certain the combination is valid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Egyptian War Card Game

When was EgyptianRat Screw created?

Egyptian Rat Screw’s origin likely can be tracked down to the 19th century, likely in Britain, due to is influence from the game Beggar-My-Neighbour.

Why is itcalled Egyptian Rat Screw?

Egyptian Rat Screw’s name has an uncertain origin. The term “Ratscrew” is a form of future sight in Egypt, where the combinations of cards mean specific occurrences. Read more about Egyptian card games here.

Can I play EgyptianRat Screw Online?

While some online simulators do exist for Egyptian Rat Screw, the necessity of physical interaction means that playing in person is more ideal.

How manyplayers can play Egyptian Rat Screw?

3 players is the recommended amount, but higher player counts can be accommodated with more decks added

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