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The girls from Dreamcatcher decided to rebrand themselves in 2016 (until then they were known as MINX) and came back a year later as a brand new band with two new members. This move turned out to be a mile stone and helped the group to gain much attention and popularity. They are doing pretty well since then.

I'll be focusing on Dreamcatcher merchandise that the group released after reformation. I managed to find two different collections of goods - one from their first concert in Seoul and one from their European tour.


1st Tour Fly High in Europe Goods

In February 2018 the girls visited many European cities and became the first girl group that performed with a concert on a tour on the continent. Happyface Entertainment - the company of the group - with a help of MyMusicTaste prepared a collection of three items for the fans.

The first items is ablack T-shirt with a name of the group on front and names of the major cities and the venues they performed at at the back. Next we have a lightstick (batteries were included) and a black tote bag.

From what I've learned the Dreamcatcher merchandise were available only in selected cities. That means not all fans were lucky enough to grab them.

1st Concert in Seoul Welcome to the Dreamworld Merchandise

The collection consists of 6 different items that you could get during the first concert of Dreamcatcher in Seoul. The event took place on March 10, 2018 at the Shinsegae Mesa Hall that has a capacity of 550 people.

The first item that the ticket holders could purchase is a slogan with the words Welcome to the Dreamworld on a black background. The slogan comes in a plastic pouch and its size is 105 cm x 22 cm. The second product is an acrylic lightstick sized 111 mm x 273 mm. It comes in a beautiful box.

How to make a dream catcher

The poster set includes 7 member posters and 1 group poster. The size of each one is 594 mm x 420 mm. The photocard set consists of 7 member cards (out of 21), one group card and one random special card. The size of the cards is 55 mm x 85 mm. There are two versions of black eco bag - one with words 'Baby, Good Night' and the other with Dreamcatcher cartoon characters. You could get each one separately or buy them in set with 3000 won discount. The last item in this Dreamcatcher merchandise collection is a black face mask with a white Dreamcatcher logo.

Dreamcatcher Profile

Dreamcatcher debuted as MINX on September 15, 2014 with the song Why Did You Come To My Home. They released their first extended play Love Shake in July 2015 and the track of the same name.

In 2016 Happyface Entertainment decided to rebrand the group. Free demo casino slot games. Two members were added and from now on the group officially consisted of 7 members: JiU, SuA, Siyeon, Handong, Yoohyeon, Dami and Gahyeon.

The girls came back in April with the single albumNightmare and the song Chase Me and then with their second single album Fall Asleep in the Mirror and the track Good Night.

The group released extended play Prequel containing 6 tracks with the lead single Fly High. The same year the members joined TV show Mix Nine on JTBC.

They started year 2018 with a track Full Moon which was a gift for their fans as a celebration of the first year anniversary of the debut.

In March Dreamcatcher visited seven cities in Europe - London on February 14, Lisbon on February 16, Madrid on February 18, Amsterdam on February 21, Berlin on February 22, Warsaw on February 23 and Paris on February 25 during their tour Fly High.

Where To Purchase Dream Catchers

A month later they decided to name their fandom InSomnia.

In May the group released their new EP Escape the Era and a music video for You and I.

In July and August they visited Latin America with their concert tour Welcome to the Dreamworld in Latin America. On September 20, 2018 the group released their next EP Alone in the City.

Dreamcatcher started 2019 with another EP The End Of Nightmare and an MV for PIRI. At the same time Happyface Entertainment decided to follow the path of MINX and changed its name to Dreamcatcher Company.

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