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Changes in Regulation of Sports Betting in U.S

June 2, 2020 by Staff

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For a decade long time, offshore sportsbooks were the only options for placing a bet on any sports. These sportsbooks had started their journey via phone calls in the last parts of the 1990s. But, with the emergence of internet connection, a new breed of bet makers arrived and started operating over the internet. Many among them are quite famous now, but the factor that is missing is oversight. It denotes that there is nothing to do if any of them rejects paying. But, the good news is many states of the US are now working to take the sportsbooks under their regulation. And, this is good news, because legal sportsbooks are secure in all means. But, safety doesn't denote high odds. Thus, you need to choose one that is legal as well as profitable. We recommend checking out these US legal sportsbooks as curated by

This article will showcase the benefits you get on choosing a legal one as well as portray the limitations of offshores.

Benefits of Legal Sportsbooks

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1. Legalization will Provide Safety

Legalization will keep you under an umbrella of security. If you are betting with an offshore booking entity, no one can help you out in case of any fraud, or if your money goes missing. But, as for these legal sportsbooks, states are having a licensing body (like Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board), there will be an avenue for complaint. Plus, because of the strict regulations, chances of issues are quite lesser than before.


2. Authentic Deposit Methods

The deposition of your money to an unknown entity can generate problems for sure. You are wagering your money because you love to bet for your favorite team or an individual. But, you can argue on the fact that money is the topmost factor that inspires you to bet more. Thus, as the monitory transaction is attached to the concept of betting, you should shake hands with an entity that is regulated. With an authorized sportsbook, you can anticipate deposit options like Mastercards or Visa credit cards, PayPal, or bank transfers. Plus, many of these options are equipped with efficient consumer protection.

3. Better Promotion & Bonuses

Regulated sportsbooks breathe in a regulated market. Poker slots games. Thus, they need to provide you with more profitable bonus offers than any offshore sportsbook can offer. Most of the sportsbooks provide money upfront, and if you are betting for the first time with them, a no-loose first bet or free bets are also pretty common. These facilities often arrive with matched bonuses and promotions like different contests and parley insurance.

Downside of Offshore Sportsbooks

1. Payment Processing

The lack of security of your money is the prime issue with unregulated sportsbooks but is not the only one. Processing of your payment can also take your toll while you wager via them. The problem is, financial networks or banks can't allow transactions with offshore betting sites knowingly, and you face the delay of payment processing. Thus, missing out on a great betting chance is not an uncommon problem with players of offshore sportsbooks. Cryptocurrency is accepted, but it will put you in front of the volatility of prices.

2. Types of Bet

While playing with offshore sportsbooks, the part where you will face difficulties at the most is live betting. In live betting or in-play betting, odds get systematically updated in real-time, which enables you to bet even when the match is in progress. For this facility, regulated sportsbooks depend on global services like Kambi. Well, offshore betting sites do not have any access to these services.

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Offshore sites are also incapable of offering you period betting for multiple sports, cash-out betting, and the array of props that are very obtainable at the regulated sports betting sites.

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Concluding Thoughts
Moreover, when your money is at stake, you should not take any chance. Plus, as regulated sites are quite available with more profitable offerings, there is no need as well. In case you are still playing with an unregulated entity, look out for any delay in payments, false promises in bonus offers, high deposit, and withdrawal limits because these can be signs of your future losses. If you witness any of these happening, try to leave the site as soon as possible.

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