Aug 06, 2018 Bonus bets stand alone from the regular blackjack bet and are sometimes called side-bets; they are optional wagers with brand names like Royal Match, Progressive Blackjack, and Lucky Ladies. To play the bonus bet, place a minimum wage of $1 in the circle for the side-bet next to your regular blackjack bet. Bonus Spin Blackjack. Sycuan’s casino table games is now offering Bonus Spin Blackjack! Place your additional $5 bet on the Bonus Spin, hit a Blackjack, and Spin the Wheel for your chance to.

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Casino Bonus Slot Machines

Casino blackjack bonus online casino

Take your game to the next level with Bonus=3 and Royal 3 side bets!

How To Play

Each player is dealt two cards face up. The dealer also receives two cards, one face up, one down. All players play against the dealer. The dealer progresses in a clockwise manner from player to player. After all players have had their turn at drawing additional cards, the dealer turns his/her card over and draws additional cards if required. The object of the game is to score closer to 21 than the dealer, without going over. Tens and face cards count as 10, aces count as either one or 11, and all other cards count as their face value. You may draw additional cards to raise your count closer to 21, if you so choose. You “bust” when your count exceeds 21, and your bet is lost. If your count is closer to 21 than the dealer’s, you win. If the player’s hand ties the dealer’s hand, neither hand wins or loses. This is called a standoff or push. If the dealer busts, all bets remaining on the table are paid.

There are a number of simple options you can request such as “split” bets, “double-down” bets and “insurance” bets. Texas hold em hands.

Quick Facts

  • Table game minimums range from $5 to $100.
  • Players may double down on any first two cards except a natural 21.
  • Players may double down after a split.
  • Players may split to maximum of three times.

Casino Blackjack Bonus Play

Once you’ve placed your Blackjack bet, choose whether to place a Bonus=3 and Royal 3 side bet. Players may not bet the Royal Bonus without betting the Bonus=3.

Your first two cards and dealer up card make your 3-card hand.


Winning Hands Pay 9:1
Three of a Kind
Royal 3
Straight Flush


Winning Hand
Three of a Kind (Suited)270:1
Straight Flush180:1
Three of a Kind90:1

House rules apply

Our gaming supervisors and dealers will be happy to explain these so that you may fully enjoy your play at our Blackjack tables. Good luck!

Casino Blackjack Bonus
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When you play Blackjack in the casino, people are going one on one with the dealer in a game of strategy and nerves, both hoping to get as close to 21 as possible. The returns can be great, depending on the bankroll you are playing with, but players are always looking for a way to gain a little extra advantage or another way of making a profit, which is why it is becoming much more common to see casino bonus blackjack appear both in the land based casinos and online.

One bonus bet that is appearing on Blackjack tables in a casino is a bet where players can wager if either the dealer or player will score a blackjack with their first two cards, with the pay-out of 15:1. This is a very simple bet that can be made by any player at any time, especially if they are playing with a little larger bankroll to others, and can financially cover the bet as well as the ante and play bet as required. The house edge on this bonus game starts off at 22.78% for a single deck game, which already signifies that this is a bet that is heavily against the player, and will increase all the way up to 24.08% for a 8 deck game, making it a highly profitable bet for the casino and one that should be avoided by the newer player looking for an extra chance of winning.

Playing blackjack online gives you a different set of bonuses for you to use during the game, normally in the form of free bets. Online casinos are now offering bonuses such as the Match Deposit offer, which sees the website match your initial deposit with a 100% free bet, effectively doubling the bankroll for the new player and giving them much more freedom within the work with. It is these bonuses that has seen the rise in online blackjack gaming elevate itself to a worldwide level. Blackjack is a game that requires concentration and skill to be able to be played properly, and there are certainly ways of becoming more profitable on this game than it is others, namely through counting cards. While it may seem difficult to master, it is possible to do with enough experience, but it is not a bonus worth having in your arsenal, as it is not always foolproof.

Best Casino Bonuses Blackjack

Next time you visit a blackjack table in a casino, be sure to check out if it has any bonus bets that you can make when playing the game. It gives you extra hands to play and potential extra sources of income, but just remember, it’s a lot harder to win them than it is to just win the hand, so play it selectively and cheaply, the returns are still big enough to make a large profit on the day.

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