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Nick Revell is back on the radio, with an autobiographical tale of how he was inducted into the secret world of the Illuminati, and the mysteries that they revealed to him about how we're all ruled by lizards. Secrets include: lizards from space, 9/11, zionist gold and the horse meat scandal.


Yep, this is surreal.

Effectively it's a fictional (I hope) autobiographical romp through a hundred different conspiracy theories, smashed together into one overwhelmingly silly adventure, all about Revell's encounters with religion.

Back in 2013, we had the second coming of Jesus, but unfortunately the whole affair got somewhat knocked on the head by Pope Benedict, who stopped Jesus in his tracks and then resigned in tortured despair. (Allegedly.) Jesus didn't really agree with the business-like approach that the Catholic Church had taken under the control of Cardinal Sugar, so the Church decided he needed stopping. Unfortunately, as Cardinal Soprano (head of security) pointed out, Jesus has form when it comes to 'rising again after the third day', making killing him a difficult proposition.

This all happens in the background to Revell's recent life problems, including a proposal from a Nobel prize-winning lingerie model who wants him to tell the entire world about what the Vanderbilts (and others) are up to. Which brings us to the most important part of all, a stag do in Amsterdam with his childhood band, and an architecturally obsessed prostitute.

Each of the important figures get an entertaining/fitting accent, which is mostly an excuse for Revell to engage in some sneaky impressions.

His self-deprecating comedy is amusingly balanced against what is effectively a half hour long pretend name drop of all the public figures he's supposedly bedded, helped, punched or stood next to. Especially the divine ones.

It reminds me (in a good way) of the books of Robert Rankin, who wrote surreal tales about how everything in life was connected, and usually nonsensical. It's stuffed to the brim with references to cultural touchstones, some of which get a small satirical quip, but it's not a politically heavy show, being simply an enjoyable ride through a crazed psyche. Probably a good thing that parody is a libel defence though, given how many great (and not so great) personalities are maligned here.

It's absolutely silly, and great fun. It also has the advantage of Revell, who has one of those voices that perfectly fit with a storytelling style of show. Like his old colleague Andy Hamilton, he's one of my favourite people to listen to. It's definitely one I'm going to enjoy.

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