• Oct 31, 2020 All right, we’ve talked about American and European casino centers, but now we’ll go a bit more to the East. Macau, the Chinese region that’s home to 7 of the 20 biggest casinos in the world, is definitely a place you should visit. Wealthy people from all over the globe come to Macau to try their luck and win big.
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Five-star hotels, world-class restaurants, designer and branded stores, and spectacular entertainment shows and concerts, are just some things these enormous casino hotels offer in addition to a chance to win or lose big cash in their extravagant casinos. Five of the ten casinos listed here are found in Macao (Macau), China, which has recently emerged as the gambling-and-entertainment capital of the world.

Jun 14, 2019 Casinos like the Venetian and City of Dreams in Macao, China, also spelled Macau, actually top the list as the two biggest casinos in the world. Apr 03, 2017 The Venetian Resort Complex represents the second largest hotel in the world, and the largest resort on the Las Vegas Strip. The casino makes up 120,000 sq. Of gaming space and is the current home of Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler’s solo show.

Largest Casinos In The World

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Here are the top 10 largest casinos in the world.

11. Borgata, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA (161,000 square feet)

Located in the gambling town of Atlantic City in New Jersey, the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa is a 161,000 sq. ft. casino hotel and the largest of its kind in the city. Translating to “little village” in Italian, this massive casino has over 4,000 gaming machines and 285 card tables including games such as poker, craps, and roulette. In addition to the casino, the hotel offers 17 different restaurants and bars, over 2,000 rooms and is operated by MGM Resorts International. The poker games also feature yearly programs affiliated with the World Poker Tour, which include high-stakes championships tournaments.

10. Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal (165,000 square feet)

Casino Lisboa is a casino hotel in Lisbon, Portugal and is the largest casino in Portugal and probably all of Europe. At 65,000 sq. ft. of gaming area out of a total 165,000 square feet of combined area with a hotel, accommodations, and dining included, it is indeed a massive casino. In total, the casino consists of 1,100 gaming slot machines and 26 card gaming tables, and in the hotel part, you will find three restaurants and bars to take dining breaks in. being a prominent landmark in the city and the biggest in the country, the hotel has over 1,000 rooms and an attractive rotating lounge.


9. MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA (170,000 square feet)

One of the most prominent hotels in the casino playground of America, the iconic MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada is renowned for its star-studded events and entertainment shows. With 6852 rooms, it is the largest hotel complex of its kind in the country and was once the largest in the world. For the gambling part, the MGM Grand offers over 17,000 sq. ft. of gambling space covered by its grand casino which is the largest Vegas can offer. The casino has more than 2,500 gaming and slot machines and offers 20 card games tables as well. Another casino managed by MGM on this list, this hotel is also known for its live shows, which include international boxing, magic, and acrobatic circus acts.

8. MGM Grand Macau, Macau, China (222,000 square feet)

Biggest casino in the world

Built in collaboration with the Macau hotel magnate, the MGM Grand Macau is a casino hotel in Macau, China. Offering more than 222,000 sq. ft. of gambling floor, the casino hotel opened in 2007 and is currently due for another expansion. The hotel has 593 rooms, Six Senses Spa, and a Grand Ballroom, as well as 12 different restaurants and bars offering cuisine from casual snack to fine dining. Along with over 830 slot machines, and 400 poker and card tables, the MGM Theatre hosts a number of spectacular live entertainment shows across the year and the same goes for the sister hotel MGM Cotai.

7. Sands Macao, Macao, China (229,000 square feet)

The Sands Macao Casino is a 5-star hotel-casino is likely one of many crown jewels in the luxurious gambling domain of Macau, even topping the Las Vegas strip. With over 229,000 sq. ft. of gambling area and hotel accommodations, it is operated by the Las Vegas Sands Corporation and thus became one of the first imported casino hotels in Macau. The casino has 750 slot machines and nearly 1,000 card tables, while the hotels offer nearly 300 rooms for accommodations. The size mustn’t deceive you because the famed looks of this hotel are renowned in all of the city, and is said to attract winnings just by the outer spectacle.

6. Tusk Rio, Klerksdorp, South Africa (266,000 square feet)

The Tusk Rio Casino Resort or the Rio Hotel Casino and Convention Resort is located in Klerksdorp, South Africa and is a site for extravagant color and spectacle. With a gambling space of 266,000 square feet, over 250 slot machines and 12 games tables, and regular entertainment shows, it is hard to miss spectacle and probably the only such vibrant in the country. Although more focused on the entertainment and gaming, the resort offers accommodations of up to 70 rooms for its guests, but there are plenty of other hotels in the area itself.


5. Ponte 16, Macau, China (270,000 square feet)

The Casino Ponte is the sole casino in the historic center of Macao, China to have been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site for being a culturally rich luxury hotel. The casino area boasts over 270,000 sq. ft. in gambling zone, offering over 300 slot machines and over 100 gaming tables for poker and card games. With an extraordinary architecture and similarly exorbitant prices, the hotel has 423 rooms that compliment Macau’s sparkling and rich skyline. With gourmet restaurants and is accessible to the city, the casino has found a permanent place in Macau’s rich heritage and casino culture.

4. Foxwoods, Ledyard, Connecticut, USA (340,000 square feet)

The Foxwoods Resorts Casino in Ledyard, Connecticut, is an enormous resort casino that covers an area of 9 million square feet which include six casinos. The casinos have more than 5,500 slot machines and 250 gaming table over its 340,000 square feet area, offering the games which include poker, roulette, and craps. Among the several restaurants and bars is a Hard Rock Cafe, and a separate Poker Room which is the third largest of its kind in the world. The total number of rooms in its hotels are over 2,200 with 825 rooms in the Fox Tower itself, in addition to a ton of amenities and activities like arcade games and Bingo for all ages to relax if they do not want to gamble.

3. City of Dreams, Macao, China (420,000 square feet)

Located in the heart of entertainment in Macau in Cotai, the City of Dreams Casino is right across the street from the Macau Venetian. The CoD is made up of three hotels in a four-tower layout, with over 200 shopping facilities and 20 restaurants. The mega-casino area covers 420,000 square foot of the hotel floor, with 1,350 gaming machines and 520 poker gaming tables. The interior of the complex is a mesmerizing inspiration of the 70s and 80s disco experience, with other installations ranging from an enormous fountain and shopping center to the Dancing Water Theatre with some free shows for guests.

2. Venetian Macao, Macao, China (546,000 square feet)

The second largest casino in the world is right next to CoD Macau. The Venetian Macao has a floor space of over 546,000 square feet for its gambling and gaming facilities. Another casino resort owned by the Las Vegas Sands, this hotel is one of the largest buildings in the world by floor area covering 10,500,000 square foot of floor space. The Venetian Macao is designed similar to its sister casino hotel in Vegas, the famous Venetian Las Vegas and uses similar architectural replicas of landmarks from Venice. The humongous hotel engulfs three shopping malls, 4 swimming pools, gondola rides as well as 3,000 rooms for accommodation. Whereas the casino area consists of 3,000 gaming machines and 870 games tables. Needless to say, the mega-resort charges in accordance with its exorbitant amenities. Matched betting us.

1. WinStar World Casino, Thackerville, Oklahoma (600,000 square feet)

With a total gaming space of 600,000 square feet, the WinStar World Casino became the largest casino in the world after expansion in 2013. With nearly 1,500 rooms to stay in, the mega hotel also contains several notable restaurants and also offers an off-site 225 acre WinStar Golf Club. Thackerville, Oklahoma is around an hour from Oklahoma City and similarly from Dallas, and the hotel offers an RV Park service too for its guests.

Biggest Casino In The World

Many of these casino hotels, as well as many in Vegas, are a complex made of individual towers and hotels, all combined by a single administration, a common casino floor and shared restaurants and services.

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