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If you’re new to Matched Betting make sure to read the introductory guide to matched betting before diving into the best matched betting subscription services.

When I started Matched Betting used to spend most of my time trawling through forums and review sites looking for bonuses. After finding one, it would be off to the unintelligible terms and conditions. Trying to work out exactly how to make money from it and weighing up the chance of the bookie trying to scam you.

It was so bad that I would spend more time on the research than I would on actually doing the offers. Much more! But over the past couple of years that has all changed and a bunch of subscription matched betting subscription services have popped up.

Betting.bet offers a balanced comparison service for global betting products and services created to help users make informed consumer choices whilst enjoying the latest offers and free bets. The team continously track and evaluate the licensed global market to generate accurate information on reliable betting. The Bonus Bet offer applies only to your first Fixed Odds bet on the Win or Each Way Market placed over the Internet. Win portion of Each Way applies. This offer excludes SA & WA residents. Bonus Bets, Multibets, Megabets, Exotics, Telephone bets and Live Betting are excluded from the offer. Usually, the most generous reward we can claim is the betting site welcome offe r that will represent a match bonus to boost your balance, a free bet bonus or a risk-free bet. Don’t worry, we’re going to explain each type in the following sections. Different Types of Welcome Offers Deposit Bonus. If you are searching for sign up offers from betting sites, Bookiesbonuses.com is the place to find them. We constantly update this page with the latest betting promotions and a list of the most popular welcome offers from top bookmakers in the business at the moment.

For a monthly fee, they will serve you on a plate a library of offers. With the terms and conditions deciphered and an in-depth tutorial on how to do the offer. Even better the bookie and offer will have been tried and tested by some other guinea pig.

You can basically eliminate all that research and just work your way through the offers and a much faster rate than I ever could. The better services even have strong communities or forums where they help each other out and can answer any of your questions.

The following list is based both off of my experience trying out each site and also off of the emails and feedback I’ve received. It is correct as of 5 January 2018 and I will aim to update it as I get new information in. If you disagree with anything I’ve written or have your own experiences, please write about them in the comments or contact me directly.

If you’re not sure which one to choose, they all have free or very cheap trials available. So why not sign up to all of them and then upgrade to a paid membership once you work out which one you like the best?

The Best Matched Betting Subscription Services

  1. OddsMonkey. A vast library, the original oddsmatcher and a constantly updated daily reloads calender. £19.99 a month.
  2. Profit Accumulator. The oldest and with the biggest community. Also £19.99 a month.
  3. Matched Bets. A large selection of offers and the only service with instant live chat support. Not as good as the top two but slightly cheaper at £18 a month.
  4. Profit Squad. The new kid on the block but with some unique advanced matched betting techniques. £19.99 a month.
Betting sites welcome offers free

Let’s look into each of them in a bit more detail.


Oddsmonkey is my favourite full service matched betting subscription service. They have been around forever but used to just focus on their oddsmatching services. It was the first arb finder on the market and allowed matched bettors to quickly find the best market to bet their free bets.

Then in early 2016 they received a large investment and used it to turn it into a one-stop-shop for matched betting. They spent a lot of money and launched a service that trumped all their rivals.

They have a lot of tutorials covering sign-up offers (currently 40 sports offers and 30 casino/bingo ones) and a strong community on their forum, with over 1,000 posts.

But the best thing they offer is a calendar full of time-sensitive reload offers. They hire a team to constantly search for offers and upload them on a day-to-day basis.

I get a lot of emails asking me what to do once you have done all the sign-up offers and have accounts at every bookie: well here is your answer! Daily reload offers handed to you on a plate. I wish this existed when I first got into matched betting.

At the time when that screenshot was taken, there were 16 different offers just for today totalling over £200 of expected profit.

Betting Sites Welcome Offers Online

Currently just £19.99 a month, Oddsmonkey is an absolute bargain.

Profit Accumulator

The Profit Accumulator is the oldest, most popular and most expensive of the matched betting subscription services. It costs £22.99 a month. They have a strong community with thousands of members.

UPDATE: May 2017. Profit Accumulator have now dropped their platinum membership to £19.99 to try and compete with Oddsmonkey.

You can read the full up-to-date review here: Profit Accumulator Review 2017.

A lot of props need to be given for leading the way. Although Oddsmonkey launched before them, it was Profit Accumulator that came up with the idea of a subscription service that researched all the offers for you.

Matched Bets

Matched Bets market themselves as being the best of the matched betting services in terms of cost, tools, and support.

Betting Sites Welcome Offers Account

Well, that is partly true. They are the cheapest at £18 a month (£2 less than the rest) and arguably have the best support. There is a forum, but while Oddsmonkey has over 250,000 posts, Matched Bets has barely 100. But that is not what they mean by good support.

They are the only one with live chat. When writing this article I used their live chat multiple times and always got a knowledgeable person replying who was able to help me with my queries.

£18 a month for instant unlimited support would be an awesome deal, even without all the other features. It could be used to double-check calculations, suggest the next offer, or explain some of the theory.

On top of the live chat feature, there is also a large library of new customer offers.

Profit Squad

Profit Squad is another the new kid on the block, having only launched in late 2015, but over the last few years they have gone from strength to strength and really found a niche.

They have all the usual offers that you’ll get with the others sites, including a nice collection of casino and bingo offers. And like Oddsmonkey, they also have a calendar of daily offers.

But where they stand out from the crowd is that they also have training and a strong community forum that focus on more advanced types of matched betting. In particular, a lot of the members are earning well from each-way dutching on horse racing.


Profit Squad costs £19.99 a month or £169 a year.

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