The future of the internet is all about being wireless. Most people these days are already benefiting from the advancements in wireless technology. Most have used it at home, the office or even at local stores and restaurants. Being able to connect to the internet using wireless internet companies is vital in how many do business and keep in touch with loved ones. Compare the best wireless internet providers at Wirefly.

The Importance of Wireless Internet

It is predicted that mobile data traffic is going to double by the year 2020. This means that having reliable wireless internet service providers will be that much more important. Additionally, the need for effective sources of Wi-Fi connectivity will be more important for individuals and companies that are wanting to become more mobile and cloud-friendly.

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The Time is Now

Why wait? There are so many options for wireless internet providers available to help choose the best Wi-Fi options for any home or work needs. Life never stops moving. Having the right wireless internet connection from a trusted provider will help anyone keep up with demands from home, work and everywhere else in between.

What is Wi-Fi?

Most people who have heard of Wi-Fi don't exactly know what it really is. Wi-Fi stands for wireless fidelity. Wireless networks use radio waves to connect wireless devices to a nearby internet connection. In the early 2000s, many wireless networks began to progress their technology speeds from 3G to 4G. This gave internet providers the ability to start offering their customers a Wi-Fi connection speed that was much better and faster than before.

How Wi-Fi Works

The internet router obtains information from the web from wires in binary form. Binary is a code that the internet uses as a way to 'talk' to different devices. Once the router gets the code, it translates it into radio waves. The radio waves are then broadcast to your wireless devices from the router.

Ways of Connecting Wirelessly

There are many ways in which to connect to the internet wirelessly. They are listed below.

Wireless Routers - A device can create a Wi-Fi network that can be accessed by multiple devices for an internet connection.

Mobile Hotspots - Devices that create mobile hot-spots can offer portable internet connection solutions for those that will need Wi-Fi when they are away from their home's Wi-Fi connection.

Smartphone Tethering - Some smartphones have the ability to create hotspots in which other devices will be able to then have web access available to them. Many internet service companies offer plans at extra costs to provide these types of mobile connections.

Wireless Internet Companies

Many internet and phone companies are working relentlessly to meet the increased need of mobile technology for their customers. Most internet wireless providers offer comprehensive coverage that includes the following:

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4G Internet - Currently, this is the fastest type of mobile internet around. It is a fourth generation of wireless mobile technology which offers broadband internet accessibility.

LTE - This stands for Long Term Evolution and is a kind of network technology which offers low latency and high speed to its users. It has quickly become the standard in wireless communication through high speed data.


To surf the web today, it is necessary to have high speed wireless internet. Whether you need the wireless internet for your smartphone or computer, there are many companies to choose from to get a wireless internet connection service that will be able to fit both your home and work needs.

Home Wi-Fi Providers

Risk free pogo. To keep your family and their devices connected to the internet, you will need high speed Wi-Fi in your home. There are countless internet service companies which have many plans to fit everyone's needs and budget. A reliable Wi-Fi connection will mean that multiple devices can use the internet at the same time and not be slowed down.

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Portable Wireless Internet Devices

If you live somewhere that doesn't have a reliable internet connection, then you know how frustrating that can be. If you are stuck in that position, or you travel a lot, a mobile hotspot can really help. A mobile hotspot may be created by a portable device that can be taken anywhere. It can be a great alternative when there are no reliable Wi-Fi connections around.

Mobile Hotspots

There are two ways in which you can connect your device to a wireless connection. The first is through a router. The second is through a wireless 4G network. A wireless hotspot device is able to use both types of technology and acts as a router which connects to a nearby cell phone tower. This is how it offers a wireless internet connection wherever you may be. Many smartphones now have this feature in them. This is referred to as tethering.

Affordable Wireless Internet Is Easily Accessible

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No matter where you live, there are many reliable wireless internet providers to choose from. Whether you are ready to buy or upgrade your wireless Internet, Wirefly is ready to help you answer any and all questions you may have.

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