1. Best Board Games of 2019. Yet tricky as it is, the pace of play leaves you itching for another try to evolve your strategies, while 170 bird cards ensure every game is different.
  2. The Granddaddy of them all, longtime fans recognize Magic as the very first trading card game ever. It’s been going strong since 1993, and though an online version of the game has been around since 2002, it is 2019's Arena that earns a spot on this list. RELATED: Magic: The Gathering Arena: 10 Coolest New Legendary Creatures From Core Set 2020.
  3. Now the game aisle is filled with the best card games for adults to play over a glass — or three — of Pinot Grigio. Cards Against Humanity sparked the revolution in cruder, slightly-offensive.

There’s plenty of CCGs out on the market today and most of them can be acquired completely for free. From the highly addicting Hearthstone: Heroes to Warcraft to the new beta releases of Eternal, there’s bound to be a CCG out there that you’ll want to give a download. We’ve compiled our personal favorite CCGs to enjoy right now. Take a look at our picks down below and let us know what your current favorite CCG is by leaving a comment! It’s also worth noting that this particular article is not ranked in any specific order.


Best Card Games For Adults

#15 Magic The Gathering Online

Best Card Games 2019 Uk

I don’t plan on spending too much time on Magic The Gathering Online because Magic The Gathering is one card game that is known and played by an enormous amount of players offline as it is online. Honestly, it would be shocking to stumble upon a fan of trading card games that did not know or have already played Magic The Gathering. If you’re a fan or someone that’s new into the franchise then you may want to hit up Magic The Gathering Online which is a video game adaptation of the card game where players can purchase virtual packs and battle against players online. Not only does the game play out similarly to the card game but it doesn’t forbid players from trading their cards to better complete a desired deck. There’s a whole in-game economy that allows players to trade cards, sealed packs, and even avatars.

The #1 card game collection is back and better than ever! Hoyle Official Card Games Collection includes all-new high-resolution graphics, new features, and, of course, all of your favorite authentic card games! Play all the most popular variations of classic card games like Solitaire, Hearts, Bridge, Euchre, Rummy, Blackjack, Go Fish, and War.

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#14 SolForge

SolForge is another free-to-play video game that is claiming their path towards a new genre of Digital Collectible Game or otherwise known as DCG. This particular video game came from a successful Kickstarter campaign where developers Stone Blade Entertainment made some pretty enticing promises that will make SolForge a game worth checking out. While the game doesn’t differ too much from other trading card games, SolForge plays out a bit more tactically with cards consistently leveling up throughout the game.

Players will find that cards will be rewarded to them just by playing the game, there’s a nice range of modes within the game as well such as playing online with players, battling against AI opponents, entering tournaments, along with completing the campaign mode. Visually, the game is rather nice thanks to the team behind the game development which includes Gary Games, creator behind the award-winning mobile card game Ascension, along with Richard Garfield, originator and designer of Magic: The Gathering.

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#13 Infinity Wars

Infinity Wars is another popular trading card game that is a bit different from some of the others on this list. Gameplay is played out with players having the ability to partake in simultaneous turns which means that players can tweak their gameplay while opponents start their turn. Besides the gameplay element, Infinity Wars may be one of the more entertaining trading card video games available as the maps and cards are all animated. Similar to Magic The Gathering Online, Infinity Wars also features an economy within the game. Players are able to trade and sell their own cards which is always a nice feature to include in these trading and collectible based card games rather than forcing players to purchase in-game currency for new packs or select cards.

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#12 Might and Magic Duel of Champions

Might and Magic Duel of Champions is a trading card game that is based off of the Might and Magic universe making it an appealing trading card game right off the bat for fans of the franchise. This is your typical style trading card game where players will craft a deck to battle against other players or enter tournaments. Decks are comprised of a hero based character, which will determine a player’s faction and abilities, along with various creatures and spell cards. With over six hundred cards to collect, all based around the lore of Might and Magic, this game will give players a massive amount of different deck strategies. Crash gambling sites real money.

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#11 Elemental Kingdoms

Elemental Kingdoms is a trading card game that is featured on mobile platforms where it’s currently available through Google Android and Apple iOS. This is a more basic style card battling game that includes a campaign mode along with the ability to face against other online opponents. Each player can of course craft a deck, but the gameplay is a bit straightforward as the cards play both a role in attacking and defending the player’s overall health. During portions of the game, players can opt to have the game automatically finish the game allowing players to focus on the upcoming battles and their personal deck builds.

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