Casino software developers are constantly looking for inspiring topics to base their games around. Music is among the most common themes, and believe it or not even metalheads, so often left out of mainstream culture, are likely to find games featuring their favorite band, as most music-themed games tends to be based on heavy metal for various reasons.

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First, the emotions experienced by both bettors and heavy metal fans while betting or listening to music are similar. People in these two categories pursue that high-octane feeling, which gets their adrenaline pumping and offers them immense thrills.

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Even non-heavy metal fans enjoy playing heavy metal-themed games. Many heavy metal musicians also love betting, including Motörhead, who sang about the “Aces of Spades.”

Metal fans’ love for betting has encouraged software developers to give them what they love: heavy metal-themed games. Most of these games are slots but there is a potential for players to find more heavy metal-themed games at online casinos.

Here is a guide on how heavy metal fans can enjoy playing online casinos that have a metal taste to them.

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Play at Online Casinos Featuring a Black Theme Design

Heavy metal fans love black. It’s our theme color, and you will find the same in all heavy metal-themed casinos. If you are a metal fan, look for casinos that have a black theme. These casinos don’t even have to be heavy metal-themed; numerous online casinos of all kinds use black as their theme color. Black is easy on the eyes, and it’s the color of luxury and creates a sense of power. One such platform is the El Royale Casino, which has a black theme with purple shades.

Play Metal-Themed Online Slot Games

NetEnt got inspired by the strong connection between betting and heavy metal and released its NetEnt Rocks series. Among its games is the Motörhead slot, which has become immensely popular and immortalized the band, as they’ve always been connected with betting since “Ace of Spades” became a hit.

Other rock and heavy metal-themes slot games you can play include Jimi Hendrix and Guns N’ Roses, both of which are very popular among heavy metal fans. Although GNR and Hendrix were not famous gamblers like Motörhead, you will love listening to their songs as the soundtrack when you’re spinning the reels.

Go ahead and look for more heavy metal-themed slot games at online casinos as there are several out there. NetEnt is likely to continue releasing more such games soon for you to explore.

Visit Heavy Metal-Themed Bingo Rooms Online

Slots are not the only heavy metal-themed games you can enjoy at online casinos. Online bingo has been on a mission to increase its fan base by attracting a wider range of bettors. While in the past most bingo players were women, more men have been playing the game nowadays. An increase in the number of men playing bingo has also led to casino operators adopting new themes that suit their players.

A heavy metal-themed bingo room is one of the adaptations casinos are implementing. It is a move likely to give heavy metal music lovers reasons to play online bingo. Bingo is a social game, and when casinos adopt a heavy metal theme, it can create a community spirit among metal fans.

Introducing heavy metal-themed bingo rooms is a trend that is likely to catch on quickly. Fans can visit these platforms to interact with each other and play bingo while listening to their favorite music in the background.

Play at a Heavy Metal-Themed Casino

In the recent past, there has been a sudden increase in metal-themed casinos. One such website is the Metal Casino, an online betting platform that prominently features metal music, the perfect platform for any heavy metal lover to bet online. The best part is that you can enjoy playing in the comfort of your home while wearing your favorite black band t-shirt.

The Online Casino Promo Codes

The casino offers you free bingo games as part of their rewards. You will also get generous rewards if you choose to play at the platform for real money. You can also play other games, including table games, on the platform.

The Online Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

Play with No Deposit Free Spins Bonuses Only

You don’t have to spend money to enjoy playing online casino games. Take advantage of the welcome bonuses to have fun playing slots online. One such bonus is the free no deposit spins bonus. Many casinos offer this reward to new players. It helps them learn how to play slots and decide which ones they would love to continue playing before committing their money.

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To take full advantage, register betting accounts in various online casinos offering this reward and start betting without spending your hard-earned money. Look for heavy metal-themed casinos that might be offering such a reward as this will be a double win for you.

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You can enjoy playing at online casinos as a heavy metal fan with these simple tricks. Try all of them and see which ones you like most.

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