Amatic is a Famous Software Supplier for Online Casinos The company established in 1993 successfully works on the international B2B market for many years now. Today, the team of Amatic consists of more than 100 professionals. Amatic provides online casinos with great games while, at the same time, also offering its wares to brick and mortar casinos. Best of all, recent releases also include versions for mobile devices. As the company expands its staff, its capacity to produce more impressive work at a faster pace is impressive, to say the least. Best slots by Amatic. Looking for something new in online casino games, and wondering what is Amatic Industries? Casinos Hunter reveals all the details and nuances about Amatic company, and shows the best Amatic online casinos.


Starting in 1993, Amatic arrived by selling slot machines to the people. For a time, the company only provided these machines, before diving into technology. Once technology entered the market, Amatic became a software developer. They worked to appeal to online gambling companies and internet casinos.

The main selling point for this company is high-quality games with great functionality. As a result, their games to this day are still in high demand. Because of this massive influx of real money, Amatic expanded. They delved into equipment that made sporting bets possible. And while that’s great, how does their online games fair?

To this day, casinos who implement Amatic’s games see real money flowing in quickly. This has been the norm for this company and their clients since they delved into the online world. As a result, the company has clients all across the globe and has a huge share of the gambling market. If you go to a casino, you have good chances of seeing several of Amatic’s games.

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This puts into perspective the quality and the demand for these games. But how is this possible? Well, part of it is due to Amatic hiring exclusively top professionals. For this case, they look to market specialists. They perform deep analytical work to keep up with the fast-paced industry. They also analyze to ensure they are providing the best they can to clients. As such they are constantly improving their products and services as is necessary.

What this means to a player is you can expect their games to be predictable all across the board. Regardless of what game you’re playing, you’ll feel the same vibes and how to play is all the same. But that’s okay. Because these games are fun and you can win a lot of real money.

Amatic Online Casino

Amatic Online Slots

Being Amatic’s main staple since it’s founding, you can expect great slots. To this day, that is still true. Amatic has a large quantity that are of high quality and is in demand. Regardless of the order, all of them are equipped with profitable bonuses and jackpots.

You see this as well as other characteristics when looking at their popular games. Popular games include Lovely Lady, Wild Shark, Grand Tiger, Magic Idol, Aztec Secret, Billyonaire, Book of Pharao, Admiral Nelson, Frog Princess, and Dragons Pearl. Each of them has attractive stories, appealing slot design, and of course a good chance of real money winnings.

The features of slots by Amatic:

  • Accessible adjustable interface
  • The perfect functionality of every slot
  • The possibility to play in two versions – downloaded & browser-based
  • Flash technologies
  • Outstanding graphical and design characteristics
  • Interesting plots and stories
  • High return rate, up to 97%.

What’s also important to note here is looking at the games, a lot of them are inspired by fairy tales. This has been Amatic’s angle since their founding. Why is that? Because many gamblers often recall those stories and these machines can serve as a bit of nostalgia. Paired with chances of winning real money, it’s easy to see players playing.

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While business is booming for Amatic in casinos across the globe, that can’t be said for their mobile slots. This isn’t to say they are skimping on their games. The reality is they haven’t quite implemented their games to mobile fully. To their credit though, they still are large in the gambling market. As a result, operators have been open to sending real money to them for their mobile games. This is especially true in Europe. And their returns aren’t bad either.

While their available games are small, they do make it up for innovation and being player-friendly. As such they are enjoyable to play online, in casinos, and now on mobile. The only snag is they have been slow in the transition to mobile.

Amatic Casino Games

One other main priority for Amatic has been to provide online casino games to ground-breaking casinos. It’s the backbone for their profitability and for the operators who run their machines. But while they focus on offering slots, they do have a little bit of variety in their games. Makes sense since more options mean more real money for them and the players who want options.

Examples of these games are games like Aztecs, Pharaohs, and Odyssey. These are highly popular games for similar reasons to what was mentioned above. They’re appealing, but also bring a sort of nostalgic element. It makes the player feel like they are the main hero in a story and they’re overcoming evil. Paired again with winning real money, you have a predictable formula of success.

These sensations make their games appealing to many players. And some of those sensations stem from the various functions that Amatic has placed in their machines. Regardless of the casino games, you’ll find their standard functions with bonuses, and free spins. These have been a staple as they raise the moods of players and hooks them.

Registered in 1993, Amatic is a large family-run business in Australia. The company firs made slot machines. They soon made the transition to technology once it entered the industry. Through gambling clubs and internet casinos, the company delved into software development.

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Immediately, their software was deemed high quality with outstanding functionality. As a result, the company grew as operators asked for their products.
On top of the software, they provide housings for casinos, multi-gambler systems, and video lottery terminals. They are also keen on implementing innovative technologies.

Amatic Online Casino South Africa

Amatic Online COS – Casino Management System

Amatic online system to manage all your issues

Amatic Online COS Casino management system from AMATIC Industries is based on more than a decade of experience in connecting slot machines, revenue control and accounting of cash-handling employees. This entire, state-of-the-art system includes clever features like Player Tracking or Cash Card and enables operators to link together all AMATIC solutions into their machine park. The system is able to manage “mini casinos” with only a bunch of machines even up to give a full service to large casinos with many hundreds of machines. If a business operates more casinos, it has the chance to control all individual units from one central server.

Control everything from one place

Thanks to the COS system, operators have complete control on their floor management. From the beginning the system was developed to be able to control many arcades and casinos from a central place. The system is based on a client-server technology, fully modular and due to these the resources and accomplishment are easy to optimize. Cabinets, servers, cash desk- or card terminals can be easily added on demand. Worth to mention, that not only AMATIC machines can be connected, indeed all manufacturers can be linked together!

In its different versions and combinations, the COS Casino management system is currently installed in more than 200 arcades and casinos world-wide, mostly designed to fulfil local requirements and expectations.

Online Casino Real Money

The COS Casino management system can be combined with an AMATIC Jackpot solution too.

Amatic Online Casinos

VLT is a server-based gaming system designed to fit multiple operation scenarios, including specialized custom workflows and wide area online gaming processes.

Online Casino No Deposit Bonus

The AMATIC MLT™ Video Lottery solution perfectly combines security, transparency, simplicity and flexibility. All features and mathematics are performed by the server, leaving the gaming machines to simply portray the game on the screens.

Game servers are the central part of the system. They run in real-time and provide connected terminals with game logic and system software. Each connected gaming machine provides real gaming experience. Players can enjoy their favorite AMATIC game whilst operators can adjust the integrated software according their individual needs.

Online Casino Free

Server-based gaming is a prerequisite to operate Video Lottery Terminals. Here AMATIC Industries has a wealth of experience. The game server handles the complete process online in real time, including the machine payment management system. A customer-friendly platform caters for increased customer acceptance. In fact, it is this server-based element that provides flexibility for all concerned. The player gets variety of game play, the operator has instant control of game changes and the jurisdiction is rewarded with complete transparency.

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