While there may be legal online sportsbooks for players in the United States to sign up and join, there is one thing in particular that is not flexible. That would be the legal gambling age that a player must be in their state, as well as the requirements at the sports betting site itself. Depending on where you live in the U.S., will depend on the legal gambling age. There is no federal gambling age in the United States; it is decided at the state level. Best casino slots.

  • There are four states where bettors can start betting on sports online at the age of 18, while in the remaining states bettors are required to be 21 or older: Start Betting on Sports Today! Now that you know how old you have to be to start betting on sports, get familiar with the fundamentals of our Betting.
  • You need to be a minimum of 21-years-old to participate in any betting in Maryland. The exception is pari-mutuel horse racing, which states that you must be at least 18-years-old. Maryland Online Sports Betting.

Typically, you will see the USA sports betting age in the state set at either 18 or 21 years of age. A player must therefore meet that state's requirement. This is true at all online sportsbooks for USA players, both online and in person. Jan 25, 2021 Yes, online sports betting in Rhode Island began late in 2019. The state allowed for remote registration of sports betting accounts during the 2020 legislature. Who can bet on sports in Rhode Island? The legal gambling age in Rhode Island is 18 years old. There are some sports betting websites that say they accept bets from the United States. How old do I have to be to gamble in New Jersey? It depends what you’re betting on. While 18-year-olds can legally play the lottery, bingo, bet on horse and dog racing and play online bingo, you must be 21 years old to play at land-based and online casinos, online sportsbooks and online and land-based poker. In 2018, the New Jersey sports.

Typically, you will see the USA sports betting age in the state set at either 18 or 21 years of age. A player must therefore meet that state's requirement. This is true at all online sportsbooks for USA players, both online and in person.

But where it gets a bit more complex is when we get to the issue of the legal gambling age at the online sportsbook. The sportsbook will stipulate in their terms and conditions section the age a player must be to play and place wagers at the site. However, even if a player meets the requirements of the gambling site, they must also meet their state's age. So if a player is 20 years old, the site requires a player to be 18, and the state's gambling age the player is in is 21, that player cannot legally gamble at that sportsbook.

The state gambling age supersedes that of the online sportsbook; however only the age required by the sportsbook needs to be met in order to place a wager there.

No state’s gambling age or any online sportsbook goes higher than the age of 21 to legally play, so once a player hits 22 years old they do not have to worry about gambling ages.

New Hampshire21
New Jersey21
New Mexico21
New York18
North Carolina18
North Dakota21
Rhode Island18
South Carolina18
South Dakota21
West Virginia21
Sportsbooks for USA Players
  • Bovada
  • BetOnline
  • SportsBetting.ag
  • 5Dimes.eu
Best Sportsbook For Players 18+
Best Payouts for USA Players:Bitcoin
Payout Time:30-60 Minutes
USA Players Accepted?YES

Since SportsBetting is held accountable by the country of Panama and not the United States, they are not forced to adhere to local betting ages and anyone over 18 can join. However, US residents are still held to their own laws, and if anyone between 18-21 is busted for betting in a state where the betting age is 21, SportsBetting will not rush to the guilty party’s defense, and they will have to hope they won BIG with the online sportsbook since they will be paying off a hefty legal fine.

However, once a user is over 21, they should absolutely revisit the aptly named legal online sportsbook because the fine people at SportsBetting.ag really do have a lot to offer, namely, cutting edge betting technology, like live betting. We all know that placing bets makes games that much more exciting, but what about betting DURING a game? Imagine if during the NBA finals you can place a bet as to whether the next shot will be a hit or a miss, and that you can do so while the ball is in the air. These are the type of props that will fly by as the game progresses, leaving you panting, breathless, and begging for more.

  • US-Trusted
  • Live Betting
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Best Sportsbook Payouts:Bitcoin
Payout Time:2-6 Hours
USA Players Accepted?YES - EXCEPT: DE, MD, NJ, NV

The age to sign up for Bovada is a bit trickier than it is with other sportsbooks. While some wagering sites will allow anyone over 18 to sign up as long as they are willing to take the risk involved with betting underage, in an effort to be in complete compliance with US law regarding betting, Bovada will actually defer to the legal state age when new players want to sign up. The table above should provide better answers.

However, the incentive to wait until they are of legal age to bet with Bovada will be rewarded in the form of free money. When new members first make their deposit into their account, they will find that not only did the cracker jack team at Bovada get their money into their account in record time, but that this legal online sportsbook also added a full 50% of their deposit back on top in the form of bonus money to be used anywhere throughout the sportsbook. How’s that for a “How do you do?”

  • Fast Payouts
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Best Payouts for USA Players:Bitcoin
Payout Time:2-6 Hours
USA Players Accepted?YES

Since BetOnline is outside of United States jurisdiction, they do not have to worry about being shut down for allowing underage residents to sign up, just so long as they are over 18, which is the legal betting age in their native home of Panama. Still, if anyone between 18 and 21 is caught betting in a state where the legal age is 21, they may find themselves facing steep penalties for a crime that would otherwise not receive any attention, including steep legal fees and jail time.

It would be a shame too, because BetOnline is truly a fantastic product that those who wait until they are of appropriate age get a lot of enjoyment from. Whether it’s the sleek layout and design of the page that user’s response to or simply the fact that the odds for BetOnline are released well ahead of any other comparable online sportsbook we may never know for sure, but what we do know is the combination is lethal for anyone who dares to compete with them.

  • Safe-Secure
  • Innovative Props
  • $100 Referals
One Of The Best Sportsbooks For US Players
Best Payouts for USA Players:Bitcoin
Payout Time:15-30 Minutes
USA Players Accepted?YES

While 5Dimes, being as it is held accountable to the laws of Costa Rica and not the United States will allow all users over 18 to sign up, we cannot stress enough just how numerous the benefits are of waiting until you are of your state’s legal betting age to bet on sports are. Not only will you have the peace of mind of betting risk free, but you just may find that the extra years spent honing your craft in practice rather than reality paid off.

Rest assured that once you’re of a comfortable age and you do decide to bet with 5dimes, you’ll be in for an excellent experience. It doesn’t take a lot of exploration of this storied page to realize that 5dimes doesn’t waste any budget on flash animation or graphics, and they pass the savings down to their users. 5Dimes members have access to the lowest “vig” figures in the whole world, which help their players save money. Money saved means more money to bet, which means more opportunities to win big. Savvy bettors know that 5dimes means opportunity!

  • Great Props
  • Easy Deposits
  • $200 Referals
Top Sportsbooks for USA Players
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Sports Betting Online

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18 Year Old Sports Betting Sites

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It's important to understand the penalties involved with underage gambling, as it is important to understand that the gambling ages are enforced at the state level. To find out the legal age to gamble in your state, it's as simple as a quick Internet search or picking up the phone to contact your local government.

Will I Get In Trouble For Gambling Online Underage?

Yes. A player can have various consequences should they be caught gambling at an online sportsbook underage, so you do not want to do that. Penalties can range from the forfeiting of bets, to suspension, and the potential for being denied a payout claim from a website. It's best to just wait your turn or until at least 18 years old.

What will online sortsbooks do to users under 18?

If any account is found to be created under fraudulent circumstances, the sports betting site will not hesitate to delete the account, ban the user, and in some cases even report them to the state authorities directly. What’s worse, all funds associated with the account including deposits, winnings, and pending payouts will immediately be forfeit and seized, making the whole exercise for naught.

What if a child gets caught using their parents account?


10 Top Sports Betting Sites

Any betting activity found to be done by minors will be enforced on the account. This includes parents who, whether knowingly or unknowingly allow their children to use their account. Protect those passwords, lock those computer screens, and whatever happens, emphasize the importance of a legal betting age with your children!

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